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August, 2005 - Update

Hello Everyone, August was a great month for us, mainly because we were visited by two great teams.

First we were visited by the team from our home church, CC Murrieta, CA. The team was led by Henry & Gerri Meyer, their first time leading a team overseas, they did a great job. Most of the team is also part of my "Support Team" back home, so this was a great time to catch up and share in more detail what the Lord is doing down here in Iquitos.

We started off by splitting the team, the women did a 3 day women's Seminar at Pastor Javier's church in Nanay, everyone enjoyed it very much. The men spent the first day training on the equipment then two nights showing the Jesus Movie in two shanty-towns. We had over 700 people view the film. We also did ministry together in Masusa and Terminal our two ongoing ministry sites where we visit weekly.

Of course CC Murrieta being our home church and my support team, we got lots of encouragment and good council. They have given me some good things to think and pray about.

Second we were visited by a team from CC Living Hope, they are from Oceanside, CA., led by Pastor Brad Lambert and assisted by Eddie Bird. They were here last year, so we had a good time catching up. The Women did a two day seminar in El Terminal, the sisters shared their testimonies and sang worship songs. Wendy Fremin led worship the first day and Amy the second day, about 25 ladies attended. They also helped us do ministry in Masusa and Terminal and we showed the Jesus Movie in one Shanty-town.

The highlight of the CC Living Hope visit, for me, was when we tried to visit the river community of Santa Rosa. The river has been at an all time low, the locals say it has never been this low. So the boat we were in got stuck and all the guys had to get out and drag the boat through the mud for about thirty minutes, though it felt like more. We sank into the mud past our knees as we walked, so with each step we had to pull our legs out of the mud. We were never able to make it to Santa Rosa but we stopped at another community we knew along the way and blessed their children with a childrens program.

Of course, we had to pull the boat on the way back also. I think I can make this an Olympic event, or at the least a great work out program, it's been a long time since I've had that good of a workout. The good news was that we ran across another boat that was also stuck, they didn't have all the young healthy guys on their boat that we did, so they were just sitting there and had started to dump the produce they were taking into Iquitos to sell. So we helped them out, it took a while but we got them loose, they were so greatful, a nice old lady gave me a papaya to take home. We probably saved them a week or two worth of wages, something these poor people cannot afford to lose.

We were also visited by a family from CC Orlando, Mike Milchling, and his family. They are heavily involved in the "Jesus Movie Project", and the focus of their visit was to show the movie as much as possible. We were only able to have three showings, due to time constraints and the river being so low. One of the showings was an overnight trip to the river community of Santa Rosa, but because of the river being low we could not take a boat directly to them, so we had a hard, 45 minute hike while carrying all of the equipment. Luckily for us we had lots of strong locals waiting for us and lending a hand. All in all, over 1000 people viewed the film in the three locations and we had many decsions to accept the Lord.

Gerri Meyer teaching at Women's Ministry Conference

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Worship during Womens study in El Terminal

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Our boat got stuck on the way

Helping out another boat
Financial Status:
I have only received half the amount to do basic ministry here in Iquitos this month.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

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