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July, 2005 - Update

Hello Everyone, July was also a busy month for us but we had a great time with the teams and were blessed to do ministry with them here in Iquitos.

Jerry Winter a nurse from CC Melbourne led a team of two other nurses and accompanied by her daughter arrived on the 8th, along with Rick Heilman and 6 students also from his home church, CC Melbourne. We held medical clinics in the shantytown of Terminal and in the river community of Velasco (pictures below). Unfortunately, the nurses stayed only 4 days, but the students stayed for 6 days.

A team of three from CC Joshua Springs led by Charles Springer came to Iquitos on the 17th. Their ministry is to train and equip teams for the Jesus Movie ministy. Charles and Bob Nelson conducted the training and thet were assisted by Mike Craze. There was a lot more to the ministry than I orginally thought. Charles taught daily in our devotions on intercessory prayer. I learned that this is the key for the success of this ministry.

Three of us were trained on the use of the equipment. This equipment is state of the art and made for travel. We made a seven day river trip and showed the movie in four river communities. It was a difficult trip due to carrying the heavy equipment up and down the river banks, but we were blessed by each showing. We averaged anywhere from 200 to 400 people in each community and had about 200 decisions to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

When we returned to Iquitos we also showed the movie at a park and in one shanty town. The purpose of training our Iquitos team was that part of Charles ministy is also to equip teams on the field to continue the ministry. Charles and his team left all the equipment with us, what a blessing to the ministry here.

Team News: Ena started the women's ministry in the shantytown of Terminal, it was a great start with nine women attending the fist meeting. They are meeting every Sunday afternoon.

River Ministry: Pastor Javier and I, joined by the Charles and his team from CC Joshua Springs, made a seven day river trip and showed the Jesus Movie in four river communities.

Ongoing Ministry: The Iquitos team held down the ministries while pastor Javier and I were away with Charles and his team. Ena taught the children, Luis Alberto Lara taught the adults in Masusa and Jose Luis Soto taught in Terminal. Ena also took over the children's ministry, including the ministry to the children of the Portales.

Nurses team from CC Melbourne

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Nurses in action

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Ena translating for nurses

Jesus Movie team leaving port Masusa
Praise Reports: We were blessed with all the equipment to show the Jesus Movie. The equipment is made for travel, even though it is hardy, it still needs special care and TLC.

Financial Status: I received the full amount to do ministry this month. I still havenít caught up for the slow start this year, but praise the Lord He is providing for me to do ministry here in Iquitos.

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

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