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June, 2005 - Update

Hello Everyone,

June was a busy month for us. I know I am way behind and it is already August, so I will try to keep it short.

The two visiting Bible College students from Lima, Luis Alberto, Jose luis and I moved into our new house on June 7th. We had lots of work to do in preparation for the Pastors' Conference. The first Calvary group from Joshua Springs and Santa Fe Springs arrived on the 14th. The second group arrived on the 16th. Dr. J and two nurses from those teams were part of the first group and we held ministry and medical clinics together.

Ena Modrich, a missionary from my home church CC Murrieta, arrived on the 17th just in time to translate and help with the conference.

The third CCJS/CCSFS group arrived on June 20th and they held a conference for the Pastors of Iquitos and also for the river Pastors. CC Joshua Springs and CC Santa Fe Springs raised funds to sponsor food and housing for the river Pastors so that they could come to Iquitos from their river communities and spend a few days growing in the Word. This was a great blessing!

The conference was a big hit with many memorable moments. Some of the river Pastors had never been in El Dorado Plaza, one of the nicer hotels in Iquitos and they were waiting outside the hotel when I arrived. They were not sure if they would be allowed in or not. When I led them to the elevator many opted for the stairs since they had never been on an elevator before. I rode up with one Pastor and his wife and she closed her eyes and held onto him all the way up, he smiled nervously trying to be strong for her.

Another memorable moment was when Leoncio, a native South American of the Bora tribe, sang worhip songs in his native language. Then all the other Pastors would also sing each song in Spanish when he was done. It is hard to describe the feeling in the room when these humble men of God, used to hard work and hardship, sang praises to our Lord; it is something I will never forget. Leoncio is about 70 and he still goes to work everyday on his farm, he paddles his canoe one hour each way to get there.

The four-day conference was taught by Pastors Bob Wagner, Ray Loo and Jackie Roberts. The teachings included Romans, Revelations and Inductive Bible Study. Also, the Pastors were blessed with caps, study Bibles, and certificates of participation on the last day.

Team News: Ena Modrich, a missionary from CC Murrieta arrived on June 17th, she will be here for over a year. She will be taking over the children's part of the ministry soon.

River Ministry: We held medical clinics in 3 river communities, including Santa Rosa in June.

Ongoing Ministry: CC Huntington Beach held down the fort while we were busy with the other teams. They taught the children's church and Luis Alberto led the adult Bible Studies in Masusa.

Jim Russell also taught the kids in Terminal and San Valentine. Jose Luis led the adult Bible Studies in Terminal. (picture below)

We also visited other shanty towns and did the childrens program for Pastor Gilberto's church in 9 de Abril.

Everyone did a great job with our ongoing ministries which allowed me to do other things.

Here are some pictures of the CC Huntington Beach and CC Joshua Springs teams in action.

CC Huntington Beach in San Valentin(Click to enlarge)

CC Joshua Springs in 9 de Abril(Click to enlarge)

Here are some pictures of the Pastors' Conference

The first group of River Pastors to register and Albert (Click to enlarge)

Prayer Time (Click to enlarge)

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

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