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May, 2005 - Update

Hello Everyone, Luis Alberto Lara and Jose Luis Soto are here from the Bible College in Lima during their summer vacation and are helping me in all areas. We have a lot of work to do getting ready for the teams that are coming in June.

CC Huntington Beach arrives June 14th and will be here helping out for about 3 and half weeks. They will be helping in many areas including outreaches, childrens ministry, helping out Santa Fe Springs with the other teams

CC Joshua Springs and CC Santa Fe Springs are teaming up and are going to do several ministries:

Street Kids Update: The biweekly Bible Studies at the Portales are going great, the kids are not only learning their memory verses but asking for longer verses in order to get larger prizes. I moved up to the bigger prizes for them when they learned the 10 commandments during the time when we were studying Moses. They did a good job memorizing the 10 commandments and were very proud of themselves and still ask me from time to time if I want to hear them say them again. I have heard each child recite them about 20 times each so I consider this a big success and a blessing.

Team News: Luis Alberto Lara and Jose Luis Soto will be here for about 2 months during their summer vacation. Luis Alberto and I are living in the new apartment.

River Ministry: Pastor Javier and I visited the river community of “Pevas” for 4 days this month, about 2 days of travel on the river. There was Baptist Convention and we took advantage of this occasion to meet new River Pastors’ learn about their communities and also to invite many of them to our Pastors’ Conference in June.

Ongoing Ministry: The children’s and adult Bible Studies in Terminal and Masusa continue. Jose Luis took over the week Pastor Javier and I were on the river. The children of Masusa and Terminal were very energetic the week I got back, it was a great homecoming after being away for a week. Since I am busy with the planning and busy work for the conference, Jose Luis is continuing giving the Bible Studies in Terminal and Luis Alberto is leading in Masusa.

Here are some pictures of the ministry in Terminal, It is the shantytown where we go on Saturdays.

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Praise Reports: We moved into our new apartment, with a little help from our friends. Jose Luis, Esteban and Luis Alberto helped me move all the stuff I had in my room. I was amazed that I had a truck and a half full of stuff in my room at the hostal.

Financial Status: We received the full amount to do ministry this month. We still haven’t caught up for the slow start this year, but praise the Lord He is providing for the ministry here in Iquitos.

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

Calvary Chapel Murrieta Attn: Peru – Albert Smith 24225 Monroe Avenue Murrieta, CA 92562

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