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November, 2005 - Update

Hello Everyone, We didn't have any visitors in November, but we have been very busy working on the different ministries. In particular, I want to focus on "El Terminal" this month.

We have been working in El Terminal for over a year, mainly with the kids and also Bible studies for the adults. But recently since Ena started the women's study in July, things have begun to grow and change. Having anywhere from 12 to 20 women at the studies has opened a new dimension to the ministry in El Terminal for us.

We have have been praying that the Lord would help us and show where and when He would like a church; well, it looks like this is it! The youth also wanted a youth group, so we started that in November. Much to my surprise, we had 15 teens there for the first meeting and it has been growing ever since.

So we continued to pray and watch this grow and develop, and decided it was time to move and try to have a building of our own; after all, we now had 4 sucessful ministries there: the children's ministry with about 80 children meeting outside, the adult Bible study, the women's ministry with about 15 regulars meeting in the home of the Carranza's, and the youth group also meeting in the Carranza's home. We are blessed to have been invited to use the home of the Carranza's for all these meeting, but we saw the need for our own facility, where we would have more control, more space and to be able to do more ministry.

We checked and the properties there were approximately 3500 soles a piece, which is about $1200, depending on the size and any extras. The size of the properties are about 26'X52'. We are hoping to have about 4 of these properties within the next few years or whenever the Lord provides. We decided to mention the need to a few people, and little by little funds started to come in. We raised enough to be able to buy one of these lots and will be purchasing it soon.

Ongoing Ministry: We continue to visit Masusa on Thursday nights where we teach about 60 to 70 children, and we continue to visit the Portales on Monday and Wednesday nights for our Bible study to about 16 children who work there.

I updated the web page, take a look around and you'll see some changes and new additions.

Street kids ministry: We were quite suprised to find out that Pepe had bought a ticket on his own to go home to Pucallpa, for the holidays and to get his birth certificate. His ticket was on a "lancha", a boat which takes about five days on the river to get to Pucallpa. We went to the boat to see him off and helped him setup his hammock which would be his bed and seat for the five day journey. He was excited but surpisingly calm, we prayed for him and wished him a good trip. Pepe is about 12, (I was wondering what I was doing when I was 12).

Pictures from El Terminal, 2005 - Update

Children's Ministry - Ena with kids

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Adult's Bible Study

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Youth Group

Youth Group

Ena leading Women's Study

Women's Study

Praise Reports: A Calvary Chapel church in California has voted to give us $200 a month for the Ministry House to work with the children of Belen and the city.

Financial Status: I received the full amount for my support and to do ministry for the month of November.

I have also added a financial page to this web site, click-here to take a look. Financial Page

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

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