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September-October, 2005 - Update

Hello Everyone,

We spent September regaining our strength from having seven teams visit us in the last three months. We also began to look for property for the "Ministry House" which will be probably be located in town. We are learning about the costs in the current real estate market in Iquitos. It varies widely depending on the area.

We had a visit from the current students from the Calvary Chapel Bible Collge in Lima. They came accompanied by a Dentist, Dr. Charles Calhoun from CC Tallahasse, Florida. We held two days of dental ministry in town for the street kids; we visited a river community and did a dental clinic in El Terminal too (pictures below). Dr. Charles left a few days earlier, in order to do more ministry in Lima. He also trained several of the students to apply flouride treatments on the kids. We were able to minister to over 200 children this way, even though he could not see everyone personally.

On Thursday morning we visited Belen with the students and did a chilrens' program. These are the children we hope to minister to and we are praying for the Ministry House where we can do that. Belen is the poorest of the shanty towns we have visited it is located on a river bed, with no city planning at all. This is where these children live. Even though we know about 20 of the children because they work at "The Portales", we decided it would be good for more of the children of Belen to get to know us.

On Thursday night the students took over the program in Masusa for us, which gave us a break. It was a great surprise for the kids, they loved the students and the program they brought which included a puppet show.

On Friday we returned to Belen and went to the plazita where the students did a drama and shared the gospel with the locals there.

MY favorite day was Saturday morning, because it was a more personal and special day for me. Even though the students had to get to the airport by 2:00pm, we took three of the shoe shine boys who had asked to be baptized and went to the Nanay River. I have know those three boys for over a year and gotten to know them very well. So I was waiting for the right time to have the baptism. We had a short teaching about the meaning of baptism. The boys shared why they wanted to be baptized and, of course, the baptism. We also had a lot of fun just swimming and goofing off with the three boys and some of their friends who joined us (pictures below).

I will be flying to Lima on Monday Oct. 25th for the yearly Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference for Peru.

Dr. Charles and his portable dental clinic

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One of the students putting flouride on the kids

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The students doing children's ministry

Worship before the baptism

One of the shoe shine boys being baptized

Albert, Jose, Nick, Julio & Angel
Financial Status:
For September I only received one fourth the amount to do basic ministry here in Iquitos.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

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