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January, 2006 - Update

Hello Everyone,

We had a great year in 2005 and the Lord did a lot of great things. I want to thank all of you who support us financially and in prayer so we can be here to do ministry in Iquitos.

I have changed my monthly e-mails somewhat. They will now include everything that has happened to the day it is sent. That means that my e-mails will include a little of the previous month and everything to the current month. So this update will include what happened in the latter part of December and all of January.

December News:

We had a nice Christmas program for the kids. We brought the kids from El Terminal and from Masusa to a conference room at a hotel in the city on two different days. We had hot chocolate and paneton(an italian bread). It is a tradition all over Peru to have this at Christmas time. We also showed a movie, sang songs and had a nice time with the children. We also invited a lot of the street kids, which included the shoe shine boys and the kids from the Portales and others.

January News:

El Terminal: As mentioned last month, the Lord provided for us to purchase a house in El Terminal. Not only did He provide for one property but He has provided for two. We bought the second property in mid January. We took possesion of the first one and started repairs. We repaired two of the windows which were dangerous for the children, patched the back wall & a few other small repairs; we will replace the roof soon. We have many other repairs and needs and will work on these as the Lord provides.

We will continue to call it a Prayer House until we are ready to make it a church, this will probably be the first CC church in Iquitos. Please pray the Lord provides a pastor.

Click here to view slide show of the new property in El Terminal. Yahoo Photo Album

Team News: Nick Hanks from Calvary Chapel Temecula joined us in December. He has been a great help and is leading the teachings for the youth group and covered for the adult Bible Study while I was in Pucallpa.

Ena (credentialed teacher) started the "La Escuelita" last Tuesday. We will teach math, grammar, literature, Bible stories, etc.. A lot of the children in shanty towns are way behind in their education; some of the older ones cannot even write their names yet, so this will be a big blessing for them and for us.

Ongoing Ministry: We continue to visit Masusa on Thursday nights where we teach about 60 to 70 children, and we continue to visit the Portales on Monday and Wednesday nights for our Bible study to about 16 children who work there.

Street kids ministry: Pepe is back from Pucallpa and spent Christmas here in Iquitos. Cabezon, one of the older kids is back from the military, he was only in a short time so it looks like he was kicked out, he's not talking. The rumor is he has been stealing, and he has asked for help for wounds from knife wounds on two different occasions. Please pray for him.

Pucallpa: I was able to visit Jose Garate(The River Preacher) in January. We had a great time visiting together. The Lord is really blessing his ministries, he has started three churches on the rivers and they are all at different stages. Nuevo Paris is the oldest and standing on its own, he only visits occasionaly. Milagros, is in the mid stages and he has leaders being trained in Pucallpa at a Bible College. Capinsay is the newest one and they are in the process of gathering materials to build a church. Please pray for them; the river is rising fast and they are currently meeting in the soccer field. They won't be able to meet once the river floods Capinsay. The brothers at Nuevo Paris already have to go to church via canoe, their community is already flooded, this happens yearly, so they are used to it. For more information on Jose and his ministry: Jose Garate

Pictures from El Terminal, 2006 - Update

New Property in El Terminal-Blue one is ours

(Click to enlarge)

Notice dangerous windows

(Click to enlarge)

Time to get to work

Boys helping unload moto-car

Pastor Javier, Nick & Albert working on repairs

Nick at one of the finished windows

Praise Reports: The Lord provided for the Christmas program of the children. The Lord provided so that we could buy two properties in El Terminal.

Financial Status: I received the full amount for my support to do ministry for the month of December.

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

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