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April, 2006 - Update

Hi Everyone,

Has it been three months since my last update, wow! does time fly! I have a lot to share, but I will try to keep it as short as possible because the May update is just around the corner.

March News:

I got to spend March in the States, it went by so quick but I got to spend time with my family and was able to visit a few churches. And praise the Lord; I was also able to stop by Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see my daughter and grandbaby.

Thanks to Ena and Nick, they covered all the ministries while I was gone.

A team of students from the CC Bible College in Lima came to Iquitos, they did a lot of ministry with the kids and painted the soon to be church in " El Terminal".

Prepping the inside

(Click to enlarge)

Painting the inside

(Click to enlarge)

The outside - Before

And after

April News:

We had our first church grand opening in "El Terminal" on Easter Sunday. Everything went pretty well for our first service. The kids from a ministry called "La Canoa", visited us and led us in worship.

Our new sign, ready to put up

Nick, Ena, Pastor Javier, Jose & Albert

(Click to enlarge)

The kids were here to help us celebrate

putting up our new sign

(Click to enlarge)

Our first service on Easter Sunday

Nick & the teens ushered

The kids from "La Canoa" leading worship

A team from CC Murrieta, our home church, came in April and they helped us put in a sidewalk between the front and back property. This was important because the yards between the two houses flood when it rains, and we want the people from the other side of the block to feel welcome and to come to all the ministries. The Murrieta team also helped us paint, landscape and rewire the electrical wires.

The sand was delivered, but needed to be moved

(Click to enlarge)

We put in a drain pipe to an outside trench

(Click to enlarge)

The yard that floods when it rains - before

and after

The back of the property - before

And after

(Henry Meyer was the foreman of the construction team)

Team News:

Nick Hanks left in April. Thank you Nick for all your hard work with the youth and for covering for me with the mid week Bible Study. He is missed by everyone, especially by the kids and the youth.

Ongoing Ministry:

We have not been able to visit Masusa on Thursday nights because the river has flooded the homes where we do ministry.

Ena continues to teach the Escuelita (the little school) in El Terminal. She teaches math, literature, Bible stories, crafts, etc.. A lot of the children in shanty towns are way behind in their education; some of the older ones cannot even write their names yet, so this is a big blessing for them and for us. She also continues to lead the woman's group in "El Terminal".

Street kids ministry:

Pepe(13) is going to need a hernia operation, please pray for him.

We continue to visit the kids at the Portales on Monday and Wednesday nights.


Jose (the River Preacher) visited us in April, it is always fun when Jose is around, we love him very much. Jose is praying about joining the ministry here in Iquitos by the end of the year. It is a big decision for him to move his family here. Please pray that the Lord would lead him in this and provide for all his needs.

For more information on Jose and his ministry: Jose Garate

Praise Reports:

The Lord provided for me to go to home(California).

The Lord provided for me to visit my daughter and grandbaby. (I was wondering why He had me go through the Miami airport this year).

Financial Status:

I received the full amount for my support to do ministry for the month of Februrary, March and April. Thank you very much to all of you who partner with us in this ministry.

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

            God Bless   

                   Albert Smith 

Calvary Chapel Murrieta 24225 Monroe Avenue Murrieta, CA 92562 Memo = Peru, Albert Smith

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