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July, 2006 - Update

Hi Everyone,

Here is the second half of July, I showed the first half in my last update.

July News:

We had the team from Joshua Springs here for the 1st half of the month. News and pictures were in the last update.

We had a team from CC Huntington Beach, here for the second half of July.

The H.B. team helped with the continued construction of the bathroom for the new church in El Terminal.They helped the church with worship, helping our teens with a little training of music and using instruments. They also came along side the existing ministries by doing the teaching while they were here. And the highlight for our youth ministry is that we took them to the Lake/Zoo of Quistacocha, where we had a teaching and a lot of fun.

The next step in the construcion of the bathroom was a roof. We also decided to start stuccing the walls.

Here we are starting to put the roof on

(Click to enlarge)

Jose Luis & Javier starting to stucco

(Click to enlarge)

We also put in a slab on the side of the bathroom, this is where the sink will eventually go.

Here are Javier, Jeff & Mike starting the new slab

Mike & Saul putting the fininishg touches on the new slab

Here are the before and after pictures of the bathroom, that the team from Huntington Beach helped with. We put on a new roof, we completed the slab on the side of the bathroom and even though we didn't finish the stucco, we got a good start on it.



The side of the bathroom with the new slab

Some of the other things the team from H.B. did:

Jeff, Kelsie & Janette helping with the worship.

Mike giving a study for our youth group at lake Quistacocha.

Team News:

Jose Luis arrived on July 21st, just in time to help with the H.B. team.

Ongoing Ministry:

All the other ministries continue as normal.

Street kids ministry:

Pepe was adopted by the H.B. team while they were here and he went almost everywhere with us during their visit.

Praise Reports:

Financial Status:

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

Calvary Chapel Murrieta 24225 Monroe Avenue Murrieta, CA 92562 Memo = Peru, Albert Smith

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