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August, 2006 - Update

Hi Everyone,

We had two teams here for August, the funny thing is that they were both from the same church, CC Living Hope, Oceanside CA.. Since they had a big group they decided to make smaller sub-teams, which is a really good idea.

We also had a Bruce & Melody from CC Rocky Mountain, which is in Calgary, Canada visiting they were very encouraging and we had a lot of fun visiting together.

The first team from Living Hope helped with the Woman's Study and the Escuelita (little School) that we have at the church. They had also prepared a few puppet shows, which they did for the children of El Terminal & other places.

The first team from Living Hope also presented their puppet shows to the children of the shanty-town of Belen. They are helping us break ground, we hope to do ministry here next year.

Puppet show

Behind the scenes view

The kids kept coming once we got started

We also visited an orphanage up the Itaya River. The team presented thier puppet show, we sang, colored and played with the kids. It started pouring but that didn't keep the older kids and some of the team from a soccer game. Below are some of the team playing with and hugging the kids.

Ben & Tess with the kids

Toby & Andrea with the kids

I didn't get any pictures of the second team from Living Hope, but they helped our church members put in a cement pad in front of the future bathroom. They also helped with the Escuelita and other ministries like the Womans's Study & with the street kids.

Cement pad for bathroom

Team News:

Jose Luis stayed with me at the house during August, it was a blessing having him here, especially since he liked to make breakfast.

Ongoing Ministry:

All the other ministries continue as normal.

Street kids ministry:

Olivia, (from the Portales Ministry) has a large lump under her arm, a brother and sister left an offering to get it taken care of, but we have been getting the run around from the hospital. After about seven visits, it still has not been resolved. One crazy Doctor even had her admitted overnight to the hospital so the morning surgeon could take care of it. When The morning Doctor arrived, He asked why she had been admitted for such a little thing, he had her released and told us to come back this coming Saturday.

Praise Reports:

Financial Status:

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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