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September, 2006 - Update

Hi Everyone,

In September we had two sisters from Pastor John Bonner's church, CC San Isidro (Lima) visit us. They helped the woman's ministry, the youth group & with the children's ministries.

The church also got together and we had a "minga", which is when one house provides breakfast and lunch, and the people of the community come together to help in whatever project there is. Our project was putting on a new roof; In our case it was mainly Saul and the guys from our youth group that put the roof on.

We put the roof onto our newest property (the house next to the church). We had purchased this house earlier this year, but were not able to do anything with it until now. A nice donation came in from some members of CC Rocky Mountain, which is in Calgary Canada, for this project.

I didn't get many pictures of the two sisters from Lima, but here is one where they are helping with the street kids, at the Portales corner.

Iliana with the kids

Here is in a small idea of what we did. In reality the project of putting on the new roof was an all day project with about 6 guys on the roof, 2 below about 8 of the children hauling away the old leaves and helping where they could. Also about 5 of the ladies from our church cooked a nice breakfast and lunch for everyone.

The existing church on the left and the new house on the right

From the inside, this is why we needed a new roof

Stripped and ready to start putting on the new leaves

Saul putting on the finishing touches

To see more pictures of the roof project, please click here Roof # 2

Team News:

Jose Luis left on October 20th to join the team going to Cajamarca, that is where the newest Calvary Chapel in Peru is starting.

Ongoing Ministry:

I stopped the Portales at the end of September, for a while, since I am more busy with the Escuelita and the other ministries now that I'm alone. Also most of the kids are older and they really need something more than Bible stories and coloring now.

It is time to start praying and thinking about the Ministry House, more seriously now. It will be downtown and will be a place for kids, teens, adults, Bible Studies, and hopefully a satellite Bible College.

Street kids ministry:

Olivia finally got the operation for the growth on her arm, and she is doing good. Thank you for you prayers

Praise Reports:

Financial Status:

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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