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October, 2006 - Update

Hi Everyone,

We were very busy in October even though we didn't have any teams visiting us.

We had to bring in dirt to raise up the level of the new house, before we can begin to put cement in. We bought a truckload of dirt and it just so happened that it is election time, so one of the canidates was giving away dirt, and we were blessed with half a truckload of free dirt.

Since we have 2 wheelbarrows, some of the youth and I helped take dirt to some of the homes in the neighborhood the day the politicians dropped off the dirt. they dropped of 1 large truckload on every block. Since we are at a 3 way intersection, we were close to two of the piles. It was interesting to watch the whole neighborhood come out to take dirt onto thier properties; they put the dirt in their homes and low spots of their properties. By raising the level of their homes and other low spots the rain runs off into the street and gullies.

I ended the "Escuelita" (little school) on the 26th of October. It had been a good year for the kids. Ena started the "Escuelita" earlier in the year, where she taught math, grammer, literature, social behavior, etc.... I assisted Ena and Veronica took care of the kindergarteners.

The Escuelita was well received by the children and parents of El Terminal, and they looked forward to it every Tuesday & Thursday. Only half the kids could come, since they are on a split schedule, where half go to school in the morning and half in the afternoon. This worked to our advantage, because even with half we averaged about 50 children a day.

I wish we could have done more, but there were so few of us and so many of them. I kept the Escuelita going when Ena left in August, with the help of Veronica and a some of the other youth who would show up from time to time. But since the holidays are coming and I have so much of the construction I still want to finish before the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to end the Escuelita for the year and give all the workers a rest.

We had a big party for the children to end the Escuelita and it also served as our Harvest Party, since Holloween has been creeping steadily into Peru the last few years. Our youth group put on the party and took care of amost everything. It turned out really good, I was impressed with our youth group, they really got into it.

We also had our 6 month anniversary as a church on Sunday October 22nd. The ladies led my Lucia Carranza prepared some refreshments and we had a nice time as a church breaking bread.

We have a Sunday night service once a month on the last Sunday of every month, mostly for worship. And we had our first communion service on Sunday night the 29th. Most of the members had never taken communion, so it was a bit new to them, but it all turned out very nice. Two of the young men from the youth group ushered.

I broke the first rule of Web Design and I have put too many pictures on this months letter, please forgive me and be patient as the page opens. But I had so many pictures to share it was hard to limit it to just these 12.

Bringing in the dirt was a big project and we had lots of little helpers.

Bruce helping taking in a few wheelbarrels full, we had two days of work bringing in dirt.

Yamara and some of the smaller children using buckets

Saul and Ruiter spreading the dirt and packing it down

The best part of the Escuelita is that we aways ask the kids at the end of the year, who would like to accept Jesus as their saviour. I was blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing in El Terminal. About 40 of the children accepted Jesus as their Lord, almost all of the Escuelita.

New Harvest

Our youth group put on a big party for the children of our church, they took care of everything, I just paid the bills and had fun.

Waiting impatiently at the door for the party to start

The youth group did a great job decorating the church

Getting ready to break the first Piņata for the younger kids

Breaking the piņata for the older kids

I didn't know that the custom down here is to put baby powder inside the piņata's along with the candy and prizes. It makes for a big mess, but they seemed to enjoy it. They went crazy, we had about 170 kids so you can only imagine.

Kenya survived, although still a little stunned she was happy with her prizes

Some of the other kids who survived the piņata

The youth group celebrating a job well done

I think the youth group had more fun than the kids

Team News:

There is no one else from the states here now, but thanks to Pastor Javier who continues to help on Saturdays with the children and Saul Carranza (church member) who takes such a big part in the construction we are doing at the church. His sons Jario(16) & Ruiter(13) always help too, and they are a big blessing, their dad has taught them how to be good workers.

Lucia, (Sauls wife) is also always helping in organizing events like our 6 month anniversary and with the youth group. Veronica, thier daughter continues to help with the children, and takes them on Sunday mornings during the service and does a teaching and coloring time with them.

Ongoing Ministry:

The church is the main ministry now, but I still keep in touch with the street kids and pass out vitamins almost every night as I see the kids around the main plaza. This not only keeps them healthy but it allows me to talk to them and keep up to date on how they are doing.

Street kids ministry:

Luis (14), (Rocka's older brother) wants to go live in an orphanage, he has lived on the streets for about 2 years. He is tired of the street life and has asked me to help him find a place to go. He has been taking drugs and stealing latetly and I think he has finally realized that he won't last too long living like this. Also his best friend Edwardo was accepted to a rehab place in Pucallpa, so Luis is alone again.

Not many orphanges take the street kids, especially the ones with drug problems and social behavioral problems, it disrupts the environment they have created with the other children.

Because of family problems Luis stopped going home about 2 years ago, he was tired of giving his mom all the money he would make shoe shining and not seeing anything in return. They lived in a one room rental, and he would sometimes come home to find a man thier with his mother. So he decided to make it on his own. Rocka (10) continues to live with his mother, and I think he seems to be the main bread winner for their home.

Praise Reports:

Financial Status:

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

Calvary Chapel Murrieta 24225 Monroe Avenue Murrieta, CA 92562 Memo = Peru, Albert Smith Or for Jose Garate Memo - Peru, Jose Garate (the river Preacher)

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