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December 06 / January 07 - Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a nice Christmas.

Jose Garate arrived on the 20th of December, and we put him right to work. He taught the mid-week and Sunday service while I was busy tying up loose ends in preparation for my departure.

Eddie Bird (from Living Hope) and his family were here for Christmas, so I got to spend Christmas with both Eddie's and Jose's families. It was great to have a full house after it being quiet for so long.

We started December by continuing to work on the church. We brought in another truck load of sand and fininshed cementing the floor of house # 1, which is the orginal church building. We had already opened the wall between house # 1 and House # 2 at the end of October so we could fit in all the children for the Harvest Party that we had. So we now have a larger church; which was the two original houses, plus the church now has a cemented floor.

We still need to paint and put in lights for house # 2, but we did as much as we could in 2006. Pastor Jose Garate and the church members will take over the repairs until I get back.

Here is what we got done in the church this month:

Working on house # 1, which is the existing church.

The kids ran home and got containers, they brought in half of the sand by themselves

Mixing the cement by hand and cementing the last section

Saul putting the finish on the last section

The Conejitos:

I had been wanting to start a new group for some time for the 10, 11 and 12 year olds, it would be close to what we call the Jr. High ministry in the states. Most of them are too old to be in the children's ministry and to young to be in our "Youth Group" (High School Ministry).

Veronica had been teaching the kindergarteners for over a year now and was ready for something different, so we started "The Conejitos" (Little Rabbits). I was surprised to have 14 of them attend our first meeting.

Since we started in December, I decided to teach on the birth of Jesus using three of the gospel's. It went really well, and with games and snacks our new ministry was off to a great start. On my last Sunday meeting with "The Conejitos", We read the first chapter of John, and I was inspired to ask if any of them would like to receive Jesus as their Lord; I was pleasantly surprised that nine of them were ready.

Our latest group - "The Conejitos (10, 11 & 12 year olds)

Some of the Conejitos & some helpers from the Youth Group

The nine that accepted the Lord

We had a "Chocolatada" for the children of the church for Christmas:

A Chocolatada is hot chocolate & usually served with an Italian bread called "Panetone", that is a tradional snack prepared for those who visit you during the Christmas season. The moms at the church prepared the Chocolatada and it was hard to keep track, but I think we served about 250 children and some adults.

The moms preparing the Chocolatada

Serving the children

Team News:

I spent most of January in California on my annual furlough. I attended the CC Missions Conference at the Bible College in Murrieta while I was there. I also had a great time with my family and friends, eating a lot and relaxing a bit.

Jose Garate (The River Preacher) Is doing great at the church, we talk regularly and he tells me that many more people are coming to the church and that many have accepted the Lord.


I am currently at the Bible College in Lima, and will be taking classes full time here this semester. I plan to be back in Iquitos at the end of May or early June. The first week has been very good so far, and I am getting in gear to be a student again.

Praise Reports:

Financial Status:

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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