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February 2007 - Update

Hi Everyone,

February was totally different to any of the other months that I have been here in Peru doing ministry. For those who don't know I am here in Lima for one semester, I started classes on the 29th of January at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Lima. It wasn't as hard to adjust as I thought it would be. I think that preparing three studies a week for nine months last year helped me a lot in getting going here.

Jose is doing a great job Pastoring the church, we talk all the time, so I feel as if I am still a part of our little church there.

We had a dentist from Rocky Mountian Calvary Chapel, Canada stop by the church in "El Terminal". While they were on vacation in Iquitos, they wanted to help, so they did one day of dental ministry at the church. I heard they pulled over fifty teeth that day.

Mark & his wife Mervi also did a dental clinic in Ventania, one of the shanty towns outside of Lima while they were in Peru, I tagged along with them to help in any way that I could. It was a learning experience for me, and I got to translate for Mervi as she did a workshop on the proper way to brush your teeth, they handed out toothbrushes to those present, it was a blessing to those in that community.

We also had a team from CC Corvalis, Washington visit Iquitos I went with them to do ministry there. They did several ministries, starting with some construction work around the church. We have been waiting for the city to put in sewer lines, but since it doesn't seem to be happening soon, we decided to go back to the bathroom project and dug a hole for our own home made septic tank and plastering some more of the walls.

They also did a drama on the boulevard and had time sharing the word with people there afterwards.

Day 1, digging the hole and plastering some more of the bathroom.

We are putting up some shade, while we take turns digging, the heat and humidity take a lot out of you

Mo plastering the inside of one of the stalls

The rest of the Corvalis team teaching a drama to our youth group

Jeremy & Darcy leading our Jr. highers (los conejitos) in worship

River Trip:

We made a river trip to a community called Panguana. We went with the team from Corvalis and we took about 20 members from our church too, mostly from our youth group.

We had a hard time doing ministry in Panguana, it seemed like the enemy fought us at a few turns, but God is faithfull, He helped us overcome the obstacles.

We did a children's program during the day and then we showed the Jesus movie at night. We had a lot of trouble getting the generator going, we almost thought that we would have to cancel the movie, but we prayed and prayed and the Lord was gracious to us and it finally worked after several hours of working on it.

The results were great, we had about forty five adults and children accept Jesus as thier Lord. Pastor Jose will continue to visit them and share the gospel with them.

We struggled with the generator for several hours

Heading home after spending the night in Panguana


Pastor Jose is Pastoring the church in "El Terminal", he is really enjoying it and doing a great job there.

I am currently at the Bible College in Lima, and will be taking classes full time here this semester. I plan to be back in Iquitos at the end of May or early June. It is a pleasure to be here, studying the word and being totally focused on the Lord.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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