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March / April Update

Hi Everyone,

As you can see by the title, this update includes both March and April.

March was busy for me at the Bible College, taking classes and doing lots of homework. It is such a blessing being here and not only learning but spending time with the students and having a time of just focusing on the Lord.

April was an excellent month; I got to go back to Iquitos during missions week here at the Bible College and while there Jose and I hosted two teams. A team from my church CC Murrieta and a team of students from the Bible College in Lima. It was so great to go back and see everyone and to see how much Jose has done with the church in so little time.

We did a lot of ministry together that week, but there were two events in particular that were gifts from the Lord. We were there for the one-year anniversary of the church and the first church Baptism. Most people don't usually get to see the fruits of their labor, but we were blessed to see in these two events, how much the Lord has done over the last three years in Iquitos.


After Sunday Service we went to a Christian center and had our baptism. Twenty-eight kids, youth and adults were baptised. They ranged from ten years old to about seventy years old.

Albert & Jose baptising Ruiter

Jose's daughter "Gabriella" being baptised

All the baptised, 28 in all

Church Anniversary

We also had our one year church anniversary this April, our fist church service was Easter of 2006. The Lord has done so many things in one year; it is really incredible to see. Not only with the church building but with the lives of so many people there in "El Terminal".

The CCBC students singing songs with the kids

The children watching and learing new songs

River Trip

We got to make another trip to "Panguana", the river community where we are now doing ministry. We did a childrens program and a mid-week service there.

Ena, on the 40 minute hike to the community

Playing with the kids on thier soccer field

All the kids showing thier Bible study colorings

Street Ministry

We did some street ministry also; The students did a couple of dramas on "The Boulevard", they did them on two nights and that opened up the opportunity to talk to people. The Boulevard is a place to walk and hang out at, near the main plaza and the Itaya river.

We also had a chance to spend a lot of time with the street kids, which is always rewarding and at the same time heart wrenching.

The students doing a drama on the "boulevard"

Matt with some of the shoe shine boys

Amelia with one of the girls

Luis(16) who used to be one of the shoe shine boys that we knew; found out that I was in town, so he found us and asked that we help him get off drugs, we tried all week to find a place for him, then the opportunity came up at an orphange that deals with steet kids. None of the regular orphanages here will take street kids because of thier behaviour and bad habits, they want to protect the other kids that are already there.

I had a contact at an orphanage that we had visited last year. They are about an hour an a half from the city. They said they would take him; so we took him on Saturday but when we got there it turned out that he was one year older than he had originally said he was, so they wouldn't take him.

At the end of April, we found a place for him in Pucallpa and sent him by boat, but when he got there he decided not to go in, so he is living on the streets in Pucallpa now.


Pastor Jose is Pastoring the church in "El Terminal", he is really enjoying it and doing a great job there.

I am at the CC Bible College in Lima; we have 2 weeks left and everyone is busy finishing up thier many projects and getting ready for finals, busy, busy, busy.

Praise Reports:

Financial Status:

The months that I am over, balance out the months that I am under, and praise Godl, every year I've received just what I need.

Prayer Requests:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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