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May Update

Hi Everyone,
I am back in Iquitos!!!

May was busy for all the students and staff at the Bible College in Lima, as we finished all the papers we had to turn in and prepared our final exams. It was a busy semester with lots of work to do, but what a blessing for me to be able to be there. It was a time of spiritual growth and reflexion for me, and it was a joy to see what God is doing in preparing so many young people for wherever He leads them in their futures, some for full time ministry, others for leadership in their future familes and churches.

Lima, Peru is one of the many exension campuses that Calvary Chapel has outside the United States. Students are able to learn about other cultures, learn other languages and get hands on missions training while studing the Bible and living in an ideal Christian environment, I highly recommend it if any of you have the chance to take one or more semesters over seas.

I am happy to announce that "Jeremy Swan" from CC Grace Community Church in Amarillo, Texas; a graduate of CC Bible College in 2005 and who has been an intern at the Lima Campus for one year, has after much prayer, decided to join the ministry here in Iquitos. Jeremy will be a great additon to the team, which currently consists of Jose Garate (The River Preacher), Jose's wife Lydia and myself, with Jeremy that now makes four of us which are here full time.

Jeremy at the church in El Terminal, with some of the kids

Jeremy will take over the youth group at the church as the "Youth Leader" and will help in many other areas of the ministry, like helping with the teams when they come to do ministry in Iquitos, with construction projects, with the river ministry, with the street kid's, and hopefully soon with the two new projects that we want to work on which are the "Ministry House" and the "Bible College" that we would like to get going soon here in Iquitos.

Click here to see Jeremy´s web-page

Current Projects

We are currently at "La Casona", the hostal that some of you have visited and where I often stay. We have started looking for a house to rent. Another young man, "Tato" a Peruvian and current student at the Bible College in Lima, will join us soon, he will be here for one month.

We will start looking for a building soon for the "Ministry House", that we have been praying for. We have some funds for this project and wait on the Lord to provide the rest. The Ministry House will serve many functions, including some of the following:

The Ministry House will not be a church, even though it will probably turn out being a church in the future, but for now we want it to be a place where people can come to learn about the Lord without the expectations of what a church should be and for some, without the negative ideas of what churches are.

Opportunity to help

Pastor Quinn Davis from Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel in Calgary Canada and a friend of the ministry here, has located a "Travelling Sound System" (Battery powered Speaker) for about $2400 (U.S.), if any church or group would like to donate towards this they can contact Rocky Mountian Calvary Chapel via their web page. Rocky Mountian Calvary Chapel

This speaker system will be used for many things including:

A portable speaker system will greatly inhance the ministry that we do.


The Church "Calvary Chapel - El Terminal"
Jose continues to Pastor the church, and now we are here to help him. Jeremy and I arrived on Saturday evening at 5:10pm, we dropped off our suitcases and at 7:30pm, I was teaching at the youth group and Jeremy taught the Sunday morning service the next day. We were happy to get right to work, especially because there was a strike on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and everything was closed, and no transporation was available; so we went from busy to quiet in the first four days back in Iquitos.

River Ministry
The river is high and we cannot get into the river community of Panguana at this time. Jose hasn't been there for the last three weeks, but he will be going this Friday to see if he can get in.

Street Ministry ;
We have been back about five days, we have been walking around in the evenings to let the kids know we are back in town. It has been fun hanging out with them and getting up to date on what has happened since the last time we were in town and having the opportunity to minister to them and having them help us minister to others.

We were hanging out with some of the shoe shine boys in the main plaza, when we met a young man from Florida, Edwin, that was down on his luck and injured. So as is our policy, we do not give away any money, but we bought him dinner. As he ate he told us that he did not have a place to stay and showed us the blisters on his feet, since he had been walking so much. Because of the strike, he could not get to where he needed to go and he was out of money. So I asked some of the shoe shine boys who were with us if there was a hostal nearby where Edwin could spend the night for a reasonable price.

I was happy to see that the boys were ready to help, three of the boys led us to the hostal that was near their homes and we got Edwin settled in, paid his bill of three soles (About 95 cents U.S.) for the night; and we all prayed for him. It was a blessing to see that the shoe shine boys have moved from receiving to giving, in the time we have known them.

On the negative side, I was in touch with Luis thru Yahoo Messenger about a week ago, and he told me he was in "Huanaco," a city in the Andes. He told me he has given in to the temptation a few times to take drugs, he is still trying to fight his addiction on his own.

Praise Reports:

Prayer Requests:

Financial Status:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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Ck Memo - Peru, Albert Smith

*for Jose Garate Ck Memo - Peru, Jose Garate (The River Preacher)

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