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June Update

Hi Everyone,

Yes in know it is almost September and that I am way behind on my updates, but it has been a really busy summer and you will be getting the July and August updates soon.


In case you didn't know, Jeremy and I are back in Iquitos. We spent the first part of June getting into the routine. With Pastor Jose we decided our new schedule at the church. Since Jeremy is the youth leader that includes teaching on Saturday nights, Pastor Jose would do the Sunday morning services and that I would do the mid-week service on Wednesday nights.

Jeremy and I also spent the first part of June looking for an apartment, and at some properties for the Ministry House. I was surprised that the prices had really gone up since the last time that, I looked for an apartment about two years ago.

We had the team from Joshua Springs visit us on the 26th of June. They are always such a blessing to us. This time they had two nurses and we had medical clinics both at the church in El Terminal and at the river community of "Panguana".

Medical Clinic

Clinics are always a blessing to the local communities, especially the river communities, where health care is hard to find and good health care is rare.

The team also blessed the children of Panguana with coloring books, they had brought, that told the story of Daniel and the lions den.

The clinic in Process at Panguana

Elena preparing while Ena translates in the background

The children with thier coloring books

The fourth photo is of a gentleman who is missing a leg and he is asking for help in getting an artificial leg. I am putting this out here in case someone reading knows more about this and may want to help.

This one is a bit graphic, only open if you are prepared to view

Street Kids

Joshua Springs also blessed us with a day for the street kids. We rented a conference room and invited the kids to come and spend some time with us. The Joshua Springs team did a drama, taught the kids, we also played games and just had a lot of fun together. The JS team also treated the kids to dinner afterwards at a local "chifa" (Chinese Restaurant).

The boys drawing on the bandannas the team brought them

The boys showing off thier new bandannas

The girls being treated like princesses


We often visit Belen with teams, so that they can see where the children live and so they can pray to see how the Lord would lead us to work in this shanty town. This is one of the poorest shanty towns I have seen and complicated because they are located near a river that floods the area during the rainy season.

This makes life difficult for the locals, thier houses are rafts that float when the river rises and they have to take canoes to get out and back home again. This is also complicated by the sewage and trash thrown into the river. That is why this are is called the floating city of Belen.

This part of what makes ministry difficult in this area; first it would be hard to get to in the rainy season, which is about half the year, this combined with the high crime and violence in this area, it is not safe at night. We are hoping to build relationships with the people and see where the Lord would lead us for this section of Belen.

Suzzana walking on a pole with the help of Jesus
(the boys name)

The team visiting one of the children's homes

We decided to sing songs with the children, since we were there


Jeremy and I are helping Pastor Jose at the church in El Terminal and with the ministry in the river community of Panguana. Jeremy goes to Panguana every Thursday I go about half the time.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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