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July Update

Hi Everyone,

Yes, here it is the July update, I am only one month behind now.

We had a busy summer and we love it, what a blessing it has been. We had a team of young people, High Schoolers from the states visit us this July. Pastor Rick Heilman runs Youth Summer Missions (YSM), (a ministry out of the Bible College in Lima) during the summer months and many high schoolers from differnt Calvary Chapels around the states come and spend about six weeks doing ministry here in Peru.

Along with the students from the states; Missionaries, & students from the CC Bible College in Lima joined the YSM team as leaders. They all came to Iquitos as one of their minstry sites in Peru this year, and they did a great job.

The YSM team helped us with the children at the church and we even had a day where took all the children to a retreat center (park) close to the church and had a few hours of playing soccer, volley-ball and just having fun with the kids.


We visited Belen, with the YSM team so they could see where some of the street kids live, so they could visit this area personally and help us pray for the children and for Belen.

While we were there, we sang songs with the kids we knew and many more children from the area came by to see what was happening.

Getting on the canoes for a trip down the Itaya River

Seeing the floating city of Belen, first hand

Singing with the children of Belen

River Ministy

We also visited the river community of "Panguana" with the YSM team and they taught and played with the children. It is about a 45 minute hike, from where the boat drops us off to the village of Panguana. We barely got out of the boat and it started to rain, luckily we made it to the first bridge when it really started pouring. the heavy rain lasted about 15 minutes, so it didn't delay us very long.

We spent the night in Panguana, and left the next morning. It was the first time some of the students and had slept with mosquito nets.

Waiting at the bridge for the downpour to pass

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful rainbow when we got to Panguana

Jeremy helping the girls set up their mosquito nets

Youth Retreat

The highlight of the YSM team was a "Youth Retreat", not only for our youth group, but we invited some of the street kids and the youth group from Pastor Javier's church.

Pastor Rick Heilman did a great job putting together the retreat and teaching the youth. He has had many years experience working with youth, so I was able to learn a lot from him.

There were many workshops, worship, time of sharing and of course some fun playing in the nearby lake and in the soccer field.

The youth during one of the sessions

Pastor Rick teaching

There were many times of worship for them

We split in two with the boys having a time to talk and the girls having a time to share.

Study time

A time for the girls to share

Deborah sharing from the heart

There was time to study and learn more about our Lord, but there was also a time time to play. The youth swam at a lake that was next to the retreat center, played volley-ball Soccer, tug-of-war and even jumprope.

The youth swimming at a little lake by the retreat center

The boys having a tug of war

Everyone on the last day


Praise Reports:

Prayer Requests:

Opportunity to parner with us:

If you would like to contribute towards the building of the church in the river community of Panguana. We don't know exactly what we need, but we think it is about $3000 for the church and about $1000 for the Pastor house next to the church, a place where we can leave our food, and cook when we visit. You can send donations to the following address:

	Friends of Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru 
	1771 E. Palomar Street
	Chula Vista, CA 91913 
	Memo: "Iquitos - River Ministry" 

Financial Status:

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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