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April / May 2008 Update

Hi Everyone,


As usual the Bible College in Lima sent a team of students and they were joined by a team of four from my home church "CC Murrieta", California. The students were our first visitors at our new home, they stayed with us that week and it was a real blessing to have them. It was nice that I already knew most of them. The Murrieta team would join us in the mornings and we started each day with worship and a devotional. It was a great way to inaugurate our new home.


The rainy season is ending and the weather is really nice right now, it is still cloudy most days, so that keeps the sun away and lowers the temperature for us.

We had two teams in May; A small team of four came from Jeremy's home church in Amarillo, Texas. We had a lot of fun with them. They got to see the ministry first hand here and I got to meet Jeremy's Pastor (Bill) and the rest of the team. Pastor Bill taught a dynamic sermon on Wednesday night and he worked me hard as I tried to keep up with him translating as fast as I could. it was a powerful sermon and we were all blessed by it.

There was a also a small team from "Heart of the Rockies Fellowship," in Montana, that came as sort of a scouting trip to see the ministry here and to see how their church might be involved. As usual with the teams that visit, they helped with the ministries and got to see first hand what we do. They also stayed at our house and We had a lot of fun with them too.

Panguana Update
(The river community where we are building a church)

We have had some set backs since the last update because of sickness, Peruvian Coastguard, stikes, etc, but mainly because of the rainy season. We missed about five visits to Panguana in April and May because of the above reasons. The worst was Mother's day, because we had a project we wanted to do with the children but were not able to because I got sick with some flu.

We are also behind on the construction because of the same reasons. We have ordered the boards for the church walls, they have been cut, carried in from the forest and are drying. They should be put up coming week. So although behind we are in Phase 3 of the construction of the church building.

The good news is that the water has dropped dramatically and we no longer need a canoe to get to Panguana. Just two weeks ago we needed to take a canoe about one third of the way from the river to the community but now we are able to walk the the whole way there again.

El Terminal

We were pleasantly surprised that our name came up for a well. Jose had asked "Operation Blessing for wells for El Terminal and for Panguana over a year ago, well our number finally came up and we were amazed how quickly they put it in. In less than a week from the time they contacted Jose we have a new well in El Terminal.

The city water comes on twice a day, at 4:30am and at 4:30pm. The people in El Terminal have to wake up at 4:00am to stand in line with their buckets to receive their turns at the spicket. If you over sleep you have to wait twelve hours to get water. They use this water for bathing, washing clothes and washing dishes.

This new well is located on the street behind our church, which is a different section of El Terminal, so the people back there will be really blessed. They will no longer have to rise at 4:00am, and added blessing is that the water from this well is drinkable, so it is better than what they receive from the city. Operation Blessing put a plaque by the well explaining that whomever drinks from this well will thirst again, but anyone who drinks from the living water will never thirst again.

Operation Blessing only works with churches, that is why they put the well outside our door, we will be responsible to oversee it.

We had to pump for about two hours until the water came out clear. It is normal for the water to be sandy at first because of the drilling.

Lydia (Jose's Wife) taking her turn at the pump

I had to do my part too!

Pastor's Conference

The next big project we are working on is the Pastor's Conference that will start on July 5th. It is intended just for river Pastor's and we are praying that we can contact and invite about 100 of them.

Jeremy and I will be making about three or four river trips to invite river Pastor's to the conference. We will be out about seven to ten days each trip. Time is short becuase it is almost June and river travel takes a lot of time, we are limited on the amount of communities we can visit in one day. But we head out today (May 29th), to visit as many river communities as possible. We would like to focus on the smaller rivers where few people visit, but that will take more time. So please pray that the Lord would guide us to the communities that He wants us to visit and to the Pastor's that He wants us to talk to.

We want to build relationships with rivor Pastor's, and let them know that we are here in Iquitos. We would love to be a resource for them, and have them visit us at the "Ministry House" where they can use our commentaries, ask questions and take classes at our upcoming Bible College. A place where they can have fellowship, pray and be encouraged. Oh! that reminds me, pray for the Ministry House too, we don't have that yet.

Team News:

There is still a lot do around our new house and we are having some of the work done by local craftsmen too. Pastor Javier ( a friend of the ministry) is doing a lot of carpentry projects around the house.

Street Kids

Please pray for Anderson, he kicked his foot against a nail, and he has a pretty bad wound. Matthew, a nurse from Heart of the Rockies fellowship that was here, patched him up, I watched and replaced the bandage today. I won't be around so I showed his mother how to do it and left some medical supplies with her.

We are at Andersons house in Belen

Pretty bad eh?

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Financial Status:

The dollar on May 27th was 276 soles for $100 (U.S.)

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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