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June / July 2008 Update

Hi Everyone,


Our main focus for June was to make some river trips in order to meet and invite as many river Pastor's as possible to our July Pastors' Conference. We were only able to make two river trips.

Jeremy and I made the first trip, we started in Nauta where the Maraņon river is. We traveled up the river and visited about twenty communities in three days. We then returned to Nauta where we spent the night and left the next day to go up the Ucayali river. We visited about twelve river communities on the Ucalyai river and ended in a bigger city called Requena. On a side note, where the Maraņon and Ucayali rivers meet, is where the Amazon river begins, which is about 50 miles from Iquitos.

We were invited to speak at a few church services and do a couple of children's programs in some of the river communities. We couldn't stay and accept all of the invitations because we were trying to cover as many communities as possible each day, but we enjoyed the ones we were able to do, and as you see below we found time to have a little fun too.

1st River Trip

It was a cold and rainy trip, not what we wanted, but it was still the rainy season, so not unexpected.

This was our boat during the first trip

Me setting up my mosquito net over my hammock

We visited lots of villages on this trip

It it was muddy when getting off the boat

After the children's program

Jeremy and a few of the boys jumping into the river

2nd River Trip

Mike joined Jeremy and I on the our second river trip, we started in Requena where we ended our first trip. We had made plans to have a boat ready during our first trip, but it didn't work out, so we decided to go further up the Ucayali river two days by lancha (big boat) to visit a Pastor that I knew. It was a good experience for us to spend a few days with him, to remind us what a hard ministry the River Pastor's have. It was fishing season, so there were only about three people there for Friday night service and for the Sunday moring service, how discouraging is that!

This is a "Lancha"

Our hammocks are our seats and beds during the days we are on Lancha's

We then got canoes to go further in


The Pastor's Conference was a success, there was really good teaching for the river Pastor's, they were very happy that they took the time away from thier homes, families and church's to come and be taught and refreshed.

They were not only blessed by Calvary Chapel Joshua Springs with the teaching, food and housing for the four days of the conference but each Pastor also recieved a copy of a Matthew Hentry Commentary. It was also a great time of fellowship for them with other river Pastors who understand thier same struggles and ministries.

We hope to build a relationship with these Pastor's and be able to be here for them in Iquitos when they come into town to sell their produce. We hope to be able to have resources, Bible College classes, fellowship, prayer and a place of encouragment for them.

Panguana Update
(The river community where we are building a church)

We have a lot of good news regarding Panguana, the church building is complete and the Pastoral house is almost complete. When the Pastoral house is complete we will ask one of the local carpenters to start making the benches for us.

Operation Blessing put in three wells in Panguna and they are working out a few of the bugs this coming week. When they put a new well in, the boring stirs up the dirt and they have to pump out the muddy water before the water starts coming out clear, that is where they were at when we visited this past Thursday.

There is also a major medical clinic being put on by Operation blessing this coming week (August 5th), where many Doctor's and Nurses will visit Panguana. The local officials have invited thier neighboring communities to come and share in the blessings.

This is the church, with the Pastora house next to it

A close up of the Pastoral House

A view of both from the other side

A picture of the well next to the church

A view of the church from the inside

River Ministry:

As we got to know the river Pastors', and they got to know us. They are asking that we visit them, many have never been visited by anyone before. It would be a great encouragement for them and for their congregations to have Missionaries visit them.

They are also asking if we can have classes or workshops at communities closer to them, this will allow more of them to attend, and some of their church members also. I think this is a great idea, and will be praying on when we can visit and what we will do when we do visit. We can show the Jesus Movie and also teach different classes for them.

The plan is for several communities go get together and invite us. They will provide the location and the food, this will make it realistic financially for us and logistically for them. There are so many communities so this is the best way that we could be a blessing to many church's at one time.

Team News

Albert will be in Lima this week, (August 4th) to take a class on how to teach the Inductive Bible Study. This will be great training for me and will be something we can teach at our upcoming Bible College and at river communities.

Street Kids

Gustavo (12) one of the street kids we knew died of Pnemonia in June. He was really a terror when he was younger, but he had really mellowed out during the past two years. We will miss him, and this will encourage us to continue working with the street children, With the lives they lead this could happen to any of them at any time.

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Financial Status:

The dollar on May 27th was 276 soles for $100 (U.S.)

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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