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2008 Year-end Update

Hi Everyone,

As usual I am way behind on my updates, but here is a sort of year-end update.

The Lord has been very good to us not only this year, but since the beginning of this ministry in 2004. We want to thank everyone who has helped us be here and do ministry here in Iquitos. Some have helped financially some with prayers, some visiting us and coming along side us, others organizing and gathering school supplies. Some administratively making sure that we are taken care of. So many people have had a hand in the ministry here, that it is clear that God has put everything together and He continues to use and bless us.

I got to go home for Thanksgiving, and I got back to Peru on December 18th. I spent Christmas in Lima and was back in Iquitos on December 26th. It was a busy vacation, but it was really nice to be home with family for Thanksgiving.


Well as I mentioned in the last update, we got the solar panel installed at the new church in Panguana. What we have left to do is to build the kitchen in back of the Pastoral house and to build a bathroom. It is the rainly season now, so the good sand that we need for cement is covered by water, so it is best to wait until around May when the rainy season should be over. We are under budget, so we should have enough left over to fence in the yard and plant fruit trees in back of the church property.

Here are some pictures of the church with the new Solar Panel. We also had benches made and a podium. The benches were made by a brother who attends the church in Panguana and the podium was made Pastor Javier.

The church in Panguana

The Solar panel on the left

The Solar Panel controller & battery

The new podium and bences

Another view of the benches

A close up of the benches

El Terminal:

We had a nice get together at the church in "El Termimal" for New Years Eve, lots of the members came and we brought in the New Year with a service at 8:00pm then games till midnight. Everyone chipped in and the sisters made Chicken soup, we ate around 1:30am. It was a lot of fun and I'm grateful that we were all able to have this night of fun and fellowship.


Around September I started going to Belen on Sunday afternoons, and having a children's Sunday School for the children we know there. We also started up the "The Escueltia" (little school), that Ena helped us start there when she was here in June. The kids have been asking when we will start up again now that I'm back.

Veronica and Patty from our youth group in El Terminal, heard about the escuelita in Belen and volunteered to help. They learned about the Escuelita from Ena when she did the Escuelita in El Terminal over the past few years.

Veronica teaching Kindergarten

Patty teaching the 2nd to 4th grade

Albert with the little ones

The class when we first got started
We stared with about 15 children, but after about 2 months we had about 35.

I took a trip down to Belen a couple of days ago and the water was just beginning to rise, it is usually flooded by this time of year. So it is more difficult to get in and out than before.

Team News

I got back to Iquitos from furlogh on December 26th.

Jeremy is currently in the states on furlough.
I have been meaning to put a link to Jeremy's web-page for a long time, and now is a good time, because Jeremy has put together a really good, "Year in Review" on his web-page. Here is the link: Jeremy's Web Page ,

Raul a brother from a Calvary Chapel in Pucallpa has joined us here in Iquitos, he arrived while I was on furlough and is currently renting a house in Terminal. Raul finished Bible College in Pucallpa and worked alongside Jose for about two years, visiting the three river communities where Jose planted churches. Raul plays great worship and we are very glad to have him join us.

Jose continues to Pastor the church in "El Terminal" and to visit the new church in Panguana on Thursday's.

Street Kids

I'm in the process or trying to get Roca's birth certificate, he was born in a river community a few days from here, and the school will no longer allow him to attend with out proper ID. He has been out of school for about two or three years now. His mom never worried about his education, she just sent him out to shine shoes everyday to bring some money home. But now that Roca is getting older and doesn't shine shoes anymore, she doesn't really want him around anymore, and he is realizing that he needs to do something for his future. He is currently living with Irving another of our street kids.

Ministry Opportunities

Many of the kids are now becoming 17,18,19, it would be great if we could sponsor them to get some kind of training. They can take a basic four month, computer class that teaches Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for about $150. This is a good start for many of them. There are also One and two year programs, where they can learn mechanics, cosmotology, electrical, etc.. If you would like to contribute towards this, you can send a check to "Teen Training" or e-mail me with any questions.

If you are not sure what to do with your old Laptop, we would love to have it. We can use it to teach the kids some computer skills. It would also be nice to show the words to our music on powerpoint at the church. I hate to mention it but if it is over ten years old, it won't be much use to us. There are teams coming down this year, so if you have one you can contact me and I'll put you in contact with one of the team leaders.

Praise Reports:

Prayer Requests:

Opportunities to partner with us:

If you would like to contribute to any of the following ministries\expenses:

You can send donations to the following address:

	Friends of Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru 
	1771 E. Palomar Street
	Chula Vista, CA 91913 
	Memo: "Iquitos - XXX"  (Where XXX = River Ministry, Ministry House, Missionaries House, etc...)

Financial Status:

*Note: The dollar is currently 3.08 or 308 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

Calvary Chapel Murrieta 24225 Monroe Avenue Murrieta, CA 92562 Memo = Peru, Albert Smith Or for Jose Garate: Memo - Peru, Jose Garate (the river Preacher)

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