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June 2009 Update

Hi Everyone,

Summer is starting here in Iquitos, the rainy season was over around the end of May. June proved to be pretty much normal. June is usually a transition month where it is cool and overcast with more rain than in the summers but not as much as in the rainy seasons.

Also the water has gone down dramatically, about 6 feet in one week, this affects the river communities and the towns like Belen that are near the river.

River Trips / Pastors' Conference

In early May I made a one day trip to the local communities with Pastor Javier, where we got to talk to many of the river Pastor's that we know and that have been attending our conferences. It was nice to see them again and encouraging to hear that they were really looking forward to the conference in June.

I was out on the rivers later in May with Jose Luis, inviting River Pastors to the upcoming conference, that was hosted by Pastor Alfredo Aceves of CC Joshua Springs, CA. Most of these river communities don't have phones or shortwave radios, so it is hard to get a hold of the river Pastors, this means we have to go visit them. We had a great time visiting a new river. Jose Luis and I went up two new rivers, The "Napo River" and the "Mazan River". There is a fairly new road that connects the Amazon river and the Napo river; this saves a lot of time going all the away around. So for 25 minute moto-car ride we arrived in a whole new area that we didn't know before.

The city of Mazan is quite busy with lots of canoes full of bananas coming in every morning. On the first day we hitched a ride up the "Mazan River" with a brother who is trying to hold his church together, the Pastor left, so they don't have a Pastor now, just the brother and his family trying to do the best they can. We spent the night at his house after dropping off invitations along the way. We planned on leaving in the morning but it turned out that it rained all morning so we were stranded there until the afternoon, so we got back to Mazan in the evening.

On the second day we caught a ride up the "Napo River" delivering invitations along the way. The man who took us wasn't a Christian, but he was very helpful, we spent the night at his friends house. We arrived at the house around 8:00pm, we set up our mosquito nets and went right to sleep, then we got up with the sun at 5:50am and continued the journey up the Napo River. We stopped at his mothers house around 9:00am, they killed a chicken for us and we had good chicken soup and boiled bannanas for breakfast.

The "Pastors' Conference" went really well. We had three Pastors come from California to teach. Pastor Alfredo Aceves from CC Joshua Springs, Pastor Gerson Hernandez from CC Santa Ana and Pastor Sergio from CC Costa Mesa. I was really happy with the turn out and with the quality of the teaching. It proved worthwhile visiting the Napo river, we had several Pastors attend from there.

Worship before the teaching

Breaking up into small groups

Group picture of Pastors and our team

Street Kids

The midnight soccer games are doing well and the boys have really enjoyed them. I was helping Gene, a brother from "Union Biblico", he was in charge of the orphange at "Puerto Alegria", where I met him. His position has changed and he is now over the offices in Iquitos too. He wanted to get to know the street kids, so he asked if I could help him. So I invited the boys and we had about 20 the first Friday and that has kept growing. The boys don't usually go to bed till around 2:00am, so midnight games are a perfect time for them. Those who work have finished by then and those who don't, have a place to go to keep them out of trouble.

River Ministry

Raul & Jeremy were finally able to go to Panguana again, now that the water has subsided. The pier that we walk on was in shambles, it is every year when the water rises, since the boards get soaked and float away. But the villagers have fixed it up and everyone is able to use it again.

Jose started visiting another river community called "Centro Fuerte", it is a nice community of about 200 residents. They were formally the Jibaro (Hibaro) headhunters but is has been over 50 years since the last head was detached, well that we know of anyway. I went with them last week to Centro Fuerte and we had a really nice service, where about ten people accepted the Lord. They are talking about giving us a piece of land to build a church.

We have seven nurses coming down from CC Melbourne Florida to do Medical Missions, this week. We will be visiting "Roca Fuerte" on Wednesday, "Panguana" on Thursday and our home church of "El Terminal" on Friday.


The water has come down a lot, we were able to canoe around there last week, but my paddle was already hitting the bottom.

Ena Modrich was here, and she helped kick off the Escuelita (Little School) for this year. Ena started the Escuelita in Pucallpa where she trained me how to work with children. Ena also headed up the Escuelita here in Iquitos at our church in "El Terminal". I have kept it going here in Iquitos off and on during the year. I had been visiting Belen just doing Sunday School, but the kids really like the Escuelita, especially on days where there is no school, which seems to be at least three days a month.

In between the flooding and the summer is the worst in Belen, because you can no longer canoe, and you can't walk on the dirt either, it is kind of muddy, but more like muck. So we will not be going down there this coming week, good thing we have lots of other things to keep us busy.

Here are some pictures before the water went down, we had to pick up the children by canoe.

Picking up the kids

It takes more than one trip

Some come by themselves

Once everyone is in we can start the program. Ena has some of the older children teach the younger ones this time.

Full house, we are ready to start

Ena teaching

The older kids helping teach the younger ones

We always provide a snack, food is scarce here and snacks like bannanas are always welcome.

Snack time

Time to go home

Time to go home, some need a ride and some hitch a ride with friends.

Team News

Most of you know the big news, Jeremy will be getting married in September. We are both house hunting for new houses and for the "Ministry House".

Here is a link to Jeremy's Web-Page ,

Ministry Opportunities

If you are not sure what to do with your old Laptop, we would love to have it. We can use it to teach the kids some computer skills. It would also be nice to show the words to our music on powerpoint at the church. I hate to mention it but if it is over ten years old, it won't be much use to us. There are teams coming down this year, so if you have one you can contact me and I'll put you in contact with one of the team leaders.

Many of the kids are turning 17,18,19, it would be great if we could sponsor them to get some kind of training. They can take a basic four-month, computer class that teaches Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for about $150. This is a good start for many of them. There are also one and two year programs, where they can learn mechanics, cosmotology, electrical, etc.. If you would like to contribute towards this, you can send a check to "Teen Training" or e-mail me with any questions.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

         and God Bless   

                Albert Smith 

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