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August 2009 Update

Hi Everyone,

Well Summer finally got here and it is hot as expected. But luckily most of the teams that visited missed the heat, since it got here late this year.

July - Nurses from Melbourne

We were lucky to have the nurses from Melbourne Florida come and minister here in Iquitos again. The team led by Jerry Winter has been visiting Peru for many years now, so they know what to bring and what the needs are.

The Nurses and thier team visited three locations; El Terminal, Centro Fuerte and Panguana. They of course were a big blessing to the three communities. They bring more than just medical care, they let the people here know that there is a God out there who loves them and sends them out to share that love.

Waiting in line for the medical clinic
at the church in El Terminal

The nurses and translaters getting the details

The pharmacy table handing out medicine

The nurses and translaters getting the patients details

Taking time to pray with the patients

Lydia helping an elderly man to find the right pair of glasses

August - Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel

We were blessed to be visited by a team from RMCC they are from Calgary, Canada. They also visited last year and were led by Pastor Quinn. They were a big team of twenty but there was plenty for everyone to do, they broke up into three teams.

One team team did many teaching for the children with puppets, crafts, mimes etc.. They went all out out to minister to our kids and to the adults too.

A smaller team did two workshops with the girls that work near the center of the city. It was a big hit last year and the girls had been asking me all year, when would they be able to do it again. Well they weren't disappointed, they really enjoyed this years workshops also.

The ladies from RMCC teaching the girls

The girls choosing which beads they will use

Fiorella busy and happy working on her project

Tanya hard a work

Tanya showing off the ring she just made

The girls not only learned how to make jewelry they learned about selling also, as the men from the team visited at the end of the workshop and bought many of the items the girls had just made, they were of course very happy about this. This was the goal of the RMCC team, that the girls would learn a way to support themselves, making and selling thier jewelry. Lydia (Pastor Jose's wife) will be holding workshops from time to time during the year for the girls, the first one will be this coming Sunday.

RMCC Construction Team

Some of the men from the RMCC team came to help us replace the back fence at the back of the church in El Terminal. The RMCC team worked hard in the Iquitos heat along side our guys from the church and they all did a great job. We decided to go with a cement wall this time, so we wouldn't have to be replacing the fence every to years.

Our back fence was made of wood, because of the sun and rain here in Iquitos, wood fences are only good for two or three years. Our fence was rotted and falling apart, I didn't think it would stay up untill the RMCC team got here, but God was good to us and somehow it didn't fall down.

We decided to go with a wall this time, so we won't have to worry about it for a long time. We used PVC tubes with rebar down the middle and filled them with cement, This should keep graffity off the wall.

The back gate entrance, looking from the inside of the property

The new gate, looking from the inside of the property

The right side of the old fence

The right side of the new fence

The old entrance - looking from the outside

The new entrance - looking from the outside

We still have more to finish, like painting, putting up a new sign, putting a little covering over the gate to protect it from the rain, etc... It may take a while, since we ran out of money for this project But we are so happy with the new wall that it doesn't matter. I will send a picture when it is all complete.

Street Kids

We are still trying to sponsor some of the teens, this month I would like to introduce "Angel".
An ex-street kids who used to shine shoes, he has been doing really good for the past three years, he is attending a Baptist church and taking Bible College classes there in the afternoons and finishing his High School at night. He struggles since he often is in class with an empty stomach since there is no food at home, but he is hanging in there. He works we he can as time permits.
It would cost about $20 a month for his tuition, books and another $20 a month for one meal a day, if anyone would like to contribute to the "Teen training program. The program is in the red, but I have confidence that the Lord will provide soon.

River Ministry

Panguana is doing good, and the community of "Centro Fuerte" have voted to give us land to build a church.

Pastor Javier and his father (Pastor Ramon) with the help of Calvary Chapel were able to visit the river community of Nuevo San Juan. They visit as resources permit. It had been four years since thier last visit. They were gratefully welcomed and see that the leadership there needs encouragement and support.

El Terminal

We received a big blessing of $5000 to start building the sanctuary in El Terminal.

We started construction last week, we are building it out of brick & cement. It won't be finished but we should have the walls roof and cement floor done this month. We should have 80% done with what we recieved, we will finish the rest later as the Lord provides.


I started a soccer team for the boys in Belen and El Terminal. We have three teen leaders; Angel, Jesus (from El Terminal) and Julio (from Belen).

I pick up the boys in Belen where Julio has them ready to go and we take the bus to a camp that is next to El Terminal, where Jesus and the boys meet us. We are doing good so far and hope to make a real team out of them and play against some other teams next year.

Team News

Here is a link to Jeremy's Web-Page ,

Ministry Opportunities

Our teen trainig program is helping teens get some training. Currently Angel is taking Bible College clases, Alex is taking Auto Mechanic training classes.

If you would like to contribute towards building a church in "Centro Fuerte" you could contribute to the address below.

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Financial Status:

*Note: The dollar is currently 2.88 or 288 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless   
                Albert Smith 

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