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November 2009 Update

Hi Everyone,

Summer went quick and the rainy season has started early. It has been quite rainy lately and the rivers are already starting to rise.

September - El Terminal

Pastor Jose had been praying for a new church building for El Terminal, well the Lord answered his prayer. We received $5000 to go towards building a new sanctuary, so we got to work and started the bulding of the new sanctuary in September. We are still using the old wooden building until the new one is ready to use.

Construction here in Peru is different than in North America. We decided to use brick and cement so that the building would last. Wood walls and straw roofs are only good for about two years here, because of the hot sun and constant rain, the wood begins to rot and the grass roofs wear out. So the original plan we had did not work. Since we were limited in finances, we had planned to build the columns and roof without the walls, then as money came in we would add the walls later. Well as it turns out, you actually have to put the walls in first before the vertical columns or else the wall will not be strong.

The front of the Sanctuary

The inside

The inside left wall

The boards you see in the first picture are the vertical columns. They first build the frame out of steel rebar, then box it in with wood board and finish by filling the wooden box with cement to make the column. The boards go around the brick wall so when the cement is poured it attaches the brick wall securely to the vertical column, that is why the wall had to be built first.

If you look closely in the first picture you will see that they are putting up the steel rebar for the vertical column above the windows.

In the third picture you can see that the vertical columns are in and also the horizontal columns above the windows and side door.


I left for furlough in October, but I had time for one important event. For those of you who know Pastor Javer Manihuari; his daughter Luana had her 15th birthday in October. As is customary in Latin American countries, she had a "Quinceanera" which is a very special coming of age event for girls. Yup 15, I couldn't believe she was 15 already either.

I was honored to be asked to be her Godfather for the event. The Quinceanera was held at Pastor Javier's church.

Luana and her Godfather entering the church

Luana with her proud parents

Luana and her ladies in waiting

Well as I mentioned I went home on furlough and had a great time visiting family and friends. I had a great surprise my first weekend when my sister had an early Thanksgiving feast, since I would not be home for Thanksgiving this year. It turned out really nice with lots of family and friends there.

I was not as busy this year as in past years, so I got to spend a lot of time with my mom which was the highlight of this years trip for me.


I got back to Iquitos on the 12th and right back to work.

So we put in the walls and vertical columns. And also the vertical columns above the windows and above the wall. Which of course put us over budget and out funds, but the Lord is providing and we actually put up the roof this past week.

The roof frame & new roof

The front of the new sanctuary

There is still a lot left to do, like the cement floor, the electrical, stuccoing the walls, the side walk around the santuary, painting, etc.. But we will tackle each one as the Lord provides.


I knew that I had to find a new house soon, since Jeremy moved out, but I was hoping to spend Christmas here, but when I got back I found out that the landlady needs her house back. So I have to be out by mid December, yup that is this coming week, yikes!!!

Since I have to be out of the house we decided that instead of hauling all of the prizes and supplies that we have to a new location, that we would give the children presents this year for Christmas. We usually give the children the tradional "Chocolatada" which is hot chocolate and panetone (fruit bread), but this year they will be blessed with a bag of goodies as well.

The team came over and we made 200 bags of presents for the children of all four locations where we do ministry.

The team dividing up the goodies

Putting the gifts into gift bags

Luz-Mila, Sandra & Lydia showing the gift bags

Street Kids

Since I have been back I started making my rounds again, handing out chidren's vitamins. Things have changed a lot in the last five years. Many of the kids I knew when I got here, are adults now, some are doing, good, most are not. There are many new kids that I don't really know yet. But I still love to walk around and greet the children that I know, give them a vitamin and they always respond with a big smile and sometimes with some local news. The kids love to tell on each other, so I get an idea of how they are all doing from their friends.

River Ministry

Edgar, a visting missionary from the Bible College in Lima is going and teaching in Centro Fuerte.

Raul is going and teaching in Panguana. Edgar accompanies Raul on Thursdays to Panguana, so does Jeremy and Sandra.


I started the weekly Sunday School for the children again, even though we do it on Sundays. The water is rising fast and had not reached the house where we do ministry yet, but it was about 8 houses away this past Saturday.

Team News

Here is a link to Jeremy's Web-Page ,

Ministry Opportunities

If you would like to contribute towards helping us finish the Sanctuary in "El Terminal" or towards building a church in the river community of "Centro Fuerte" you can contribute to the address below.

Praise Reports:

Prayer Requests:

Opportunities to partner with us:

If you would like to contribute to any of the following ministries\expenses:

You can send donations to the following address:

	Friends of CCBC, Peru  (CCBC = Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru)
	1771 E. Palomar Street
	Chula Vista, CA 91913 
	Memo: "Iquitos - XXX"  
(Where XXX = Ministry House, River Ministry, General Fund, Children's Ministry, etc...)

Financial Status:

Support is down, I am just starting to be affected by the economy in the States.

*Note: The dollar is currently 2.83 or 283 soles for every $100 (U.S.).
And it will do down more soon, it goes down every December for Christmas since people are exchanging thier dollars for soles, since they will need soles for all thier Christmas expenses.

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless   
                Albert Smith 

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