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December 2009 Update

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is over and we had a great time, ministering to the children of all four locations where we do ministry. Also Pastor´s Larry Hansen & Tony Shaeffer from my home church, CC Murrieta were able to come down and spend some time with me, it was great to have them here. I felt bad putting them to work helping me move, but they offered. :-) I was happy that they were able to see two of our Christmas programs, which were both of our river communities.

During Christmas it is traditional in Peru to prepare a "Chocolatada", which is a big pot of hot chocolate and paneton (sweet bread with fruit) if possible. Yes, even here in the heat the children enjoy hot chocolate. God is good He has provided for the children every year since I have been here. This year we were also blessed to be able to provide presents for the children.

Our first stop was Centro Fuerte, I wasn't able to go with the team so I didn't get any pictures of this new location on the river where we are now going but I did get a few pictures of the other locations.

Christmas at Panguana

Our second stop was Panguana, The river community where we have a church. We did a children's program while the moms prepared the hot chocolate. The kids played waiting for the chocolate to cool. then the moms and our team handed out the hot chocolate and panetone. Later that night we also handed out the presents to the children.

Moms preparing the hot chocolate

Girls playing waiting for the cholcolate to cool

The girls line

The boys line

The moms serving the children

The children enjoying the "Chocolatada"

Enjoying the Chocolatada

The children with their presents

The children with their presents

Christmas at El Terminal

For our Christmas ¨Choclolatada¨ not only do our regular kids show up but every kid in the neighborhood and every mother that can hold a baby shows up too, so since we didn't have enough presents for everyone in El Terminal, we decided to have the Chocolatada on Saturday and hand out presents on Sunday after the children's Sunday School.

Lydia who is in charge of the chidren's program at El Terminal and her daughter Gabriella prepared a children's program that included the children participating.

The moms cooling the hot chocolate

The children's program

Lydia and Gabriella leading the children

Gabriella serving the children

Gabriella and Rosa serving the children

The children enjoying the chocolatada

On Sunday we combined the children's and adult program and the children performed many songs, verses and skits that they had prepared. As you can see, we also started using the new sanctuary.

Raul leading the worship team on the new stage

A full house in the new sanctuary

The children performing

With a little help from the audience

Of course Mary was a part of the program

Even Santa showed up to give out presents

Christmas in Belen

Of course we didn't forget Belen. Lydia and her team joined me and my team and we did a children's program for the children and then the Chocolatada. The water was high at that time.

The children after the program

Waiting for the chocolate to cool

Enjoying the Hot chocolate and paneton

Notice the water level outside the house

Enjoying the Hot chocolate and paneton

River Ministry

Raul continues to teach at Panguana and Edgar at Centro Fuerte.


The weekly children's program continues on Saturday afternoons. The water level has gone way down in the past week. We are working on fixing up Rosa's house, more on this on the next report.

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Support is down, I am just starting to be affected by the economy in the States.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless   
                Albert Smith 

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