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Here is our May / June update

May, 2010

We were able to make three river trips to visit several river communities in May to see which ones would be the best ones to show the Jesus Movie, with a team that was coming in June. Pastor Javier and his wife Carina went with me on the first two trips and Pastor Javier and I went on the third trip.

We decided to visit Pastor's that we had met at our Pastors' Conferences. To give them first chance to bless their communities with the Jesus Movie. Here is the river community of Sapoena, on the Ucayali River. Although we didn't pick them for the upcoming river commnunity we enjoyed our visit with them and hope to return soon.


Here is the river community of Sapoena, where we are visiting Pastor Luis Manihuari. Pastor Javier and I Taught the adults at night and did a children's program during the day. the great thing about visiting river communities that the people are so grateful for the visit, it really touches your heart. We spend several days here.

The childen showing thier new books

The children showing thier appreciation

In front of the church

June, 2010

We had three CC teams visit us in June, and we thank all of them for their visit. CC Joshua Spring sent two teams the first had been here before and they were prepared and knew what to do, they did the children's ministries with puppets and teachings, they also taught our youth groups and the adult services. They also installed a water tank and pipes to our bathrooms in El Terminal, praise the Lord we now have flusing toilets.


Here is the Joshua Springs team doing the children's program in Belen.

The JS team leading the children in songs

The children paying close attention to the puppet show

The children coloring their new books

Jesus Movie Ministry

The second Joshua Springs team came to help update our Jesus Movie equipment and to train our new people, also another team from the Nazerine church here in Iquitos.

We went up the Ucayali River for six days and showed the movie in four different villages. over 1000 people saw the movie and many accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We also did children's programs and many children accepted Jesus as their Lord also.

The way this ministry works, is we visit villages which have church's and Pastor's, many people from a village will come to see the movie, which we do somewhere outside since the church's are too small and some will not come if it is inside a church. The local Pastor is then responsible to visit and disciple the new believers. We just come along side to bless the local church.

Here is one of the villages where we showed the movie at night, the next day Pastor Jerel taught the adults and we did a children's program. After the service there was a baptism and several people were baptized in the Ucayali River.

Jesus helping with the children's Ministry

Baptism after the morning servcie

Pst Jerel & Pst Alfredo baptizing

Here is another of the villages, where we showed the movie and baptised the next morning. The Pastor of this church usually only baptizes those over 12 but he made an exception for one little girl who really wanted to get baptized.

Gathering by the river

This time it's just a creek

An 11 year old girl being baptised

At the last village we also did a children's program then headed out early the next morning to get home in order for the Joshua Spring team to catch their flight home the next day.

Pst Javier leading the children in song

The children worshipping

A shot of the moon on the river
Can anyone tell me what that is on the upper left hand corner of the moon picture?


One of the children in Belen fell beteen the boards, during the rainy season and injured his leg. I didn't find out until a weak later during our regular Saturday ministry. We took Jesus to the E.R. and they said it was serioulsly infected. They hospitalized him and took a liter and a half of puss out of his leg. They said he would have died if we had waited three more days to bring him in.

There is another part of this story, we took him to the best hospital in town, a Seventh Day Adventist Clinic, when they told me that he needed to be hospitalized we started the paper work to have him transferred to the County Hospital which would be a fraction of the cost, if we could get him insurance and talk to the Social Worker. All this took hours and while I was praying I knew if it were my son I would want him here at the best hospital, the Lord reminded me that Jesus (the little boy) was his son. So we stopped the paper work and had him admitted to the 7th day Adventist Clinic. Talking to the operating surgeon a week later he happened to mention to me without knowing about all this that if we had taken him to any other hospital in Iquitos they would not have done all that they did and would have removed his leg. Thank you Lord that you guided me in this, I don't think I would have been able to stay here in Iquitos seeing Jesus without a leg every week, knowing that trying to save some money that I had made this decision.

Ministry House

I was finally able to find a bank that would approve the $21,000 loan to buy the Ministry House, the bad news is that this all took so long that the owners no longer want to sell that house. Please pray we find another good deal here in town.

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Pastor Javier has the opportunity to buy the house he is living in, this would be a big blessing for him and his family. The cost is about $1800 (U.S.), if you would like to contribute towards this please put "Iquitos, Pst. Javier" in the memo section of your checks.
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Albert's Financial Status:

Support is down, I am just starting to be affected by the economy in the States.


Raul is currently receiving $25 a month.

*Note: The dollar is currently 2.80 or 280 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
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                Albert Smith 

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