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Here is our August / September update

August, 2010

As many of you already know, we had big fire in the Shanty town of El Terminal, where our church is on, August 5th. Ten homes were severly damaged and we lost the roof of our old building. But praise the Lord the new building is built of brick and an aluminum roof, so it was not damaged at all.


El Terminal

We were not able to help everyone, but there was one family who attends our church that we were able to give a little help to by putting up a structure and a roof for them. You can see in the pictures below the family had been living in this hot tent for a couple of weeks.

The front of the property

Raul digging the post holes

The children in thier tent

They were able to put up thier own front wall, so their house looks much better than it did before. Notice the cement structure in front of the property, (this is the electric meter),It will help give you a comparison of the before and after pictures. Their neighbors on the right decided to just close up thier property for now, that is why you see the aluminum sheets used as a front fence.

The finished roof and front wall

The finished roof and front wall

The children in front of thier new home


My good friend Pastor Rick Heilman and his wife Beth visited us in September, Their church CC English Service Lima had a fund raiser for our fire dammage, so they brought us a love offering and five fans for us. In case you are asking, yes, Pastor Rick has an English speakng Calvary Chapel in Lima. His Blos is: CCESL ,

The installed fans

The fans are really appreciated because we have an aluminum roof and it really gets hot in there on sunny days. We are praying that the Lord will provide for a ceiling soon.


The water in the rivers are the lowest I've ever seen them, the papers say the waters are at a forty year low, but the old men here say they have never seen the waters this low. Jose and Raul had to walk to Centro Fuerte a few times, because the water was to low for the boats to go up the Momon River, where that river community is.

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Support is down, I am just starting to be affected by the economy in the States.

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