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Hi Everyone,

Here is our January / February 2011 update

We are all doing good, and the ministries here in Iquitos continue, and we continue to be blessed by the Lord.

January, 2011

We were visited by a team from CC Murrieta, they were no ordinary team, almost all of them were Children's Church Workers. So as you can imagine, they came with lots of teachings, crafts, games and lots of fun for our kids. They worked three days with the children, in the mornings in El Terminal and in the afternoons in Belen. As you will see they kept pretty busy.

We visited Three locations with them, El Terminal, Belen and Panguana. Here they are in El Terminal working with the kids, teaching and playing games.

The team from CCM teaching

Kids games

The kids having fun

(click to enlarge)

Here they are teaching the children in Belen, I think this is the fullest we have ever had this house, I lost count but there are over 100 children in Rosa's little house.

The team from CCM teaching

Full house

Full house

February, 2011

We were blessed to be able to have a Youth Retreat in February. Our missionary friends Art & Sheila Corn of "Campos Blancos" opened up their place out in the country for us. Not only did they invite us to spend some time there, but their supporters provided the food and other essentials for our youth.

I had to think hard and pray about it, but We opened up the retreat to a few of our more mature Jr. Highers to attend. There are three Jr. Highers who have been attending the adult Sunday service for some time now, so they earned the right to be considered.

I was a bit worried, because this is the first retreat that I have put together, but praise the Lord it turned out really well. The teaching was on the life of Abraham, (Genesis 12 thru 22). Pastor Javier, Art Corn and myself taught. There were also many games like volleyball, soccer, tug of war, water balloon toss, etc.. to keep the kids busy. They told me they had a lot of fun and many did not want to leave and were begging to stay longer, I think partly to do with Carina's cooking.

Everyone, the kids and us old folks too

One of the teams singing a song

Eight who accepted the Lord

(click to enlarge)

I guess it was the right decision to bring the Jr. Highers, because it was almost all of them that accepted the Lord during those three days.

River Ministry

Jose has started with the building of the church in Centro Fuerte, we had enough funds left over from the church building fund in Panguana to put up the structure and roof. We need to raise support to finish building this church.

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Support is down, I am just starting to be affected by the economy in the States.

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Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless   
                Albert Smith 

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