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Here is our July 2011 update

As usual we have been busy, but we also had a team from CC Lima visit us on July 23rd. We have seen great results from our last Youth Retreat; the youth from Panguana that attended the retreat have been spreading the word and the youth group there has doubled. A few of them also wanted to use what they learned and decided to visit our river church of Centro Fuerte and did ministry teaching the children there.

Centro Fuerte

Pastor Jose has been very busy at Centro Fuerte, visiting there twice a week, usually with his wife Lydia. They have also been busy building the church on the property that the community voted to give us. Here is a picture of the new church although the front wall is not there yet, we are sure the Lord will provide and we are praying for a solar power system also like we have in Panguana.

We were blessed to recieve a donation from a church in California which we used to pay for half of the chairs that you see in the picture below.

New Church

Youth Group

Children's Church

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The team from CC Lima included a Dentist which pulled teeth while the Children's team worked with the children. Before seeing the Dentist the villagers received prayer and the gospel message.

The Dentist

3 sisters sharing and praying

Learning to walk a tight rope

Puerto Seguro - Kilometer 43

We were also able to visit Pastor Javier at Puerto Seguro, which is a ministry of Campos Blancos where Pastor Javier has been working and ministering at for about 7 months. The site is 43.5 kilometers outside the city. He was having a youth retreat and we were able to help him on the first day of the retreat, which was a big help for Pastor Javier.

Albert was able to help with some of the teaching and the team took care of the games with the youth. This is the first time these youth had attended a retreat, but since Pastor Javier is part of our team we will invite these youth to the retreat that Calvary Chapel is hosting in August.

Pastor Javier teaching

Albert with the youth

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Youth Group

We have a team arriving this week that will host a Youth Weekend this coming week. This will be the first time that we will have youth from six locations attending.

Team News

In case you are confused, we are still working closely with Pastor Javier and are involved in Campos Blancos, I am on their board and helping on the administratvie end as time permits. Missionaries Art and Sheila Corn are back in the states now and won't be back until April 2012.

Team News

River Ministry

Pastor Jose & Lydia are visiting Centro Fuerte twice a week and also Panguana twice a week, as those of you who have been here know, that takes a lot of energy but they say although the come back tired it gives them joy to be out there ministering to the people there.

El Terminal:

Part of what the team from CC Lima did was visit homes around El Terminal, we saw fruit from that as we were able to pray for many people, many accepted the Lord and we got to know more of our neighbors.

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Albert's Financial Status:

Support is still down, but praise the Lord I'm still here.

*Note: The dollar is currently 2.70 or 270 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless   
                Albert Smith 

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