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Here is our January 2012 update

We have been very busy already this year and very blessed. We had a team here from my home church "Calvary Chapel Murrieta", their main focus was children's ministry. They did a VBS for our kids at the church in El Terminal for four days and one day at our river church in Centro Fuerte. Sorry I don't have any pictures of that week.

The children in Peru are now on summer vacation; summer vaction begins a few days before Christmas and end in March. Since we are south of the equator, the seasons here are opposite of those north of the equator. So the visit from CCM fit in perfectly with our plans for the kids during their summer vacation. After the VBS that CCM did, we did our own VBS using a workbook on the life of Moses. We then followed that up with "La Escuelita" (little school), where we help the children with math, grammer, reading, etc.. Many of the kids need some one on one attention, since they are behind for whatever reason. This will help them be a step ahead or at least up to speed with the other kids in their class when school starts in March.

Speaking of school starting in March.....I think most of you know that we are currently working mainly with underprivileged children, so as school starts in March there is a big need for help with School supplies. The public schools here are free, but they won't let the kids in unless they have uniforms, notebooks & pencils and they also require shoes to be worn at some of the schools. There is also the cost of matriculation before the classes start. We have been blessed in the past, to be able to help a few of the children. Of course we can't help everyone, so we help the poorest of the poor, mainly those without a father in the home and who are struggling. Our resources are down this year so if you would like to help with this need you can send a gift to "Friends of CCBC (Calvary Chapel Bible College) Peru" with Iquitos Children in the memo section. (See Below for more information) I always hate to mention our needs, but thats part of my job to let the needs be known, thank you.

You can see us on Facebook now, where you will see more pictures and more of the ministry in Iquitos = Calvary Chapel Iquitos.

VBS at El Terminal

Here is our childrens church team, teaching the children of El Terminal. The team includes Lidia & Gabriella (Pastor Jose's wife & daughter) Veronica (from our youth group) and myself. Also Jesus (from our youth group) was home, on vacation from the Bible College in Cajamarca & Juanita (from the youth group in Panguana) helped out on the Moses VBS that we did the first week.

Veronica at her table

Jesus with his boys

Lidia with her table

(click to enlarge)

For our VBS we used workbook that taught the life of Moses, It was full of stories and paper crafts for the kids to cut out and paste, they really liked it and for the first VBS on our own, it was a success.

Gabriella with her table

Juanita with her kids

One of the girls showing her workbook

(click to enlarge)

El Terminal

Here is the latest on our front wall project at El Terminal. We were going to put in the front gate after the holidays with the funds we recieved but we got busy with all the childrens programs at the beginning of the year. Then we noticed the old wooden wall on the right was really getting ready to fall, so we decided to put up two more columns instead. But God willing we should have the gate in soon.

For those who don't know, there was a fire in El Terminal back in August of 2010. Several homes burned down and the roof of our church also burnt down. Luckily we were in process of building the new sanctuary at the time and we moved in there sooner than planned. Without the thatch roof the wooden wall which is at the entrance to our property began to deterriorate, with the strong sun and constant rains, unprotected boards do not last long here. So it has taken awhile but we are starting to make progress; we build as funds come in.

Front entrance - from the outside

Front entrance from the inside

Preparing to build the column

(click to enlarge)

You can see from the 3rd picture how the frame of a column begins. It is steel rebar formed into a tower with a cement footing. From the 2nd picture you can see to the right that boards are put around the rebar frame to form a box and cement is poured in from the top. The result are the columns you see in the middle of the second picture. We decided to go all out and make an arch over our entrance, we will put the church name there along with our dove logo in the middle. Once we have the wall mostly in place, we can tear down the old wooden wall, that is in front of the new wall. Not the easist way to go, but the best way for us, with the funds we have to work with.

River Ministry

It is the rainy season and the rivers are high. There is a pier for a part of the walk on the way to Panguana. Some of you have have been on it, well the high waters have covered that pier and it is harder for Pastor Jose and Lidia to get in and out of there lately, but they still go from time to time.

Teen Training

Team News

I just introduced Nate & Shirly Bauer in the last update, they were married in August and joined us in September of 2011 and are working out at Kilometer 43 with Pastor Javier. What I forgot to mention is that Shirley is 6 months pregnet and they are looking forward to thier first baby soon.

Nate & Shirley

If you would like to support them, you can make checks out to:
     Calvary Chapel Flagstaff
     P.O. Box 3960
     Flagstaff, AZ 86003
     Attn: Nate Bauer

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Albert's Financial Status:

Support is still down, but praise the Lord I'm still here.

*Note: The dollar is currently 2.66 or 266 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless   
                Albert Smith 

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