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Here is our February / March 2012 update

February - "La Escuelita" at El Terminal

We had a great time teaching "La Escuelita" (little school) at the church in El Terminal in February. out Children's Church team and Juanita, a girl from the youth group in Panguana that was staying with Pastor Jose's family during her summer vacation also helped us. Also during the last two weeks, we had a family from Lima that also helped, that was a great blessing because we needed all the hands possible to be able to work with so many children.

The purpose of La Escuelita is to get the kids up to speed for the school year that started in March. Some of the children were way behind and some just needed to brush up a bit, but we could tell that it was important for us to come alongside them by having "La Escuelita". The benefits were refreshing what they already knew, teaching them things that had not learned yet, helping to get them motivated to start school and just spending time with them, building relationships and letting them know they are important to us.

Lydia teaching reading to non-readers

Lydia taking her class outside

Ines, a visitor from Lima teaching 1st grade

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Rosa & Claudia teaching the 3rd Graders

Veronica teaching the 2nd graders

Gabriella & Christian teaching the 5th & 6th graders

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Front Wall at El Terminal

We had some money come in for the front wall at El Terminal and along with the four columns that we have already put up, we were able to have the front gate made and installed. Below is a picture of it, we still have not taken down the old wooden wall in front of the gate, but that will go away pretty soon. We have a construction team from Calvary Chapel Rocky Mountian (Canada) coming down soon to help us finish the front wall.

The front gate

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March - English Classes

In March we had English classes at the church in El Terminal, we had a good turn out with about 40 students the first day. The classes were twice a week for 4 weeks, and we finished with about 25 students. We had a dual purpose, first to bless our young people, and second to bring in others and it worked because several people came to the class that had never been to the church before. we are blessed to have 2 new young people come to the Youth Group as a result of the English Class. Here are some pictures below.

Albert teaching

Juan Carlos, Ena, Junior, Veronica

Raul & Oscar

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Test time

Final Exam

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You can see us on Facebook now, where you will see more pictures and more of the ministry in Iquitos = Calvary Chapel Iquitos.


It is the rainy season here and the rivers are at a 40 year high. Pastor Javier says he has never seen the waters this high. The waters have reached the 2nd story houses in Belen. The waters have reached the plaza in Nanay, and the beach at Quistacocha is gone the waters have reached the restaurants. Many families have been displaced and are living in Disaster Relief tents. Many of the children we know are having to live in tents or with relatives.


We are currently just doing the Youth Group, we had about 120 children when the waters rose, and if we had continued the Children's Ministry we would have sunk Rosa's house.

River Ministry

It is the rainy season and the rivers are high. There is a pier for a part of the walk on the way to Panguana. Some of you have have been on it, well the high waters have covered that pier and it is harder for Pastor Jose and Lidia to get in and out of there lately, but they still go weekly.

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