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Here is our April / May 2012 update

April - El Terminal

We had a team of four men from Calvary Chapel Rocky Mountain, Canada (RMCC) visit us in April they were a construction team and they not only worked hard along side our men, but we had a lot of fun working together. We worked on the front wall of the church and the right side wall also, both of which were in really bad shape and falling apart. We had children and dogs coming onto the church grounds when we were not there.

Patrick & Juan Carlos mixing cement

Doug laying bricks on the side wall

Raul laying bricks on the side wall

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On the fourth day we had a rainstorm hit, which worked out really good. We went into the church to wait for it to pass and did devotions together. It was really nice to share with three new young men from our youth group, who we had worked hard together with them for several days as men, to relate with them on a different level. It was a good teaching and touched the young men as the teaching was what it means to be a man of God.

Pst. Javier laying bricks on the side wall

Raul reading verses during a rain storm

Lidia taking a break watching our front wall go up

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We got a lot done that week with the RMCC team and were blessed as the team left us an offering so we could keep working on the wall when they were gone.

May - El Terminal

We started working on the top horizontal column of the front wall. We had to start by building a scaffolding to stand on and supports to hold up the horizontal columns. The second step was to put together the frame using rebar. Then came the hard part, carrying cement up the ladders and pouring it up there. Then Carlos our contractor and Raul shaped and formed it into the finished product.

Rebar frame for horizontal column support

Cement being poured on the horizontal column

Raul smoothing out the cement

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We still had to let the horizontal column dry for 15 days before removing all the supports. That is why all the old boards are still there on two of the front sections. the next step is to put three layers of bricks in those two sections once all the supports are removed.

The finished product

A view of the right inside corner

View from the outside

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Kilometer 43 / Puerto Seguro

While the RMCC team was here, we visited Pastor Javier and his family, also Nate & Shirley Bauer are working there. We were invited to a nice chicken on the grill lunch by Carina, but we got high-jacked :) by Nate to help carry the rafters for the house he was building, we had to carry them from the church to his house. Here in Iquitos we have to use really hard (dense) wood or else the termites will go through it within a year. I tell you that to explain that the rafters were really really heavy.We were able to put five of them up and that wore us out.

Patrick & Juan Carlos mixing cement

Doug laying bricks on the side wall

Raul laying bricks on the side wall

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Albert in Lima

Pastor Javier and I were blessed to be able to attend the Pastor's Conference in Lima. Two Pastors from CC San Diego taught at the conference and many leaders from Peru, Columbia, & Ecuador attended. We had a great time of meeting new friends and touching bases with old ones. We were also able to visit two CC Church's in Lima that I had never been to before.

It just happend that Jesus, who is studying at the Bible College in Lima had his birthday while we were there. He just finished his third semester, praise the Lord!!!

Jesus' birthday at the Bible College in Lima

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We were also to visit with family and many young people from our church's that had moved to Lima.


You can see us on Facebook now, where you will see more pictures and more of the ministry in Iquitos = Calvary Chapel Iquitos.

Iquitos Flooding

As many of you know we had extreme flooding this year, the waters were the highest they had been in forty years. This meant that many families were displaced and living in tents. I want to thank those of you who sent gift offerings for those families. We have been able to come along side three families during this time. One family is from our church in El Terminal, the other two are families of the street kids who I know. As many of you know since budgets are tight, I only help the most needy or homes with no father in the house. With the funds that were sent it was not a one time buying of groceries for them, but we have come along side them for several weeks now. The needs were more than just the floods, two of these mothers were extremly sick and could not work, We have been able to help with medical needs for them. I don't know what would have happend to them if these funds had not come in for them. Thank you to those who sent, and thank you Lord, you are so good!! As we know it is God who all gifts ultimately come from, He touches hearts.


We are currently just doing the Youth Group, we had about 120 children when the waters rose, and if we had continued the Children's Ministry we would have sunk Rosa's house. The youth are doing good.

River Ministry

The rivers are staring to go down now, so it is getting easier to get in and out of Panguana.

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