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Hi Everyone,

Here is our October 2012 update;

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to apologize for not writing a report sooner, it has been several months, of course we have been busy but that is no excuse.

A lot has happened since our last update and I won't be able to tell you everything, since I can't remember everything, but I'll give you the highlights.

May / June - El Terminal

We had a nice father's day celebration, where the moms prepared a nice lunch for the dads.

Tatiana & Ena performing

The dads enjoying the delicious lunch

The moms preparing the meal

We had a nice time of fellowship and of course the meal, the moms and the children ate afterwards. The fathers also prepared a meal for the moms on mother's day but I don't have any pictures of that, so don't think we forgot the moms. :)

El Terminal - Woman's Group

We had three visitors come and teach the moms; first was Linda Burton who came with Pastor Rick Heilman from the English Calvary Chapel in Lima, they visted us in August. Second was Teresa who came with her husband to visit and do ministry with many churches here in Iquitos they also visited our womans group at El Terminal in August. Last was Ines Oliviera who came with her children for a week in October and they helped with the children, the youth and the ladies.

Linda Burton preparing her teaching

The woman's group from El Terminal

The woman's group at Ucayali Street

(click to enlarge)

Teresa teaching at El Terminal

The woman's group at El Terminal

The three Children - July

I had asked for prayer request for the three girls who had been abandoned, and may of you were wondering what happened with that. The mother had abandoned the girls and the father was in the penitentiary, he was praying for a temporary home because he belived that because of the situation if the girls went into the government system he would never be able to get the back. Well with the help of some of you we were able to put the girls in the home of one of our families.

They were with this family for about nine weeks and then the father was able to contact a sister of his who picked up the girls and they are with their aunt now in a river community far from here, so visiting them does not seem likely.

The day we picked them up

Shakira, Brisa & Estrella

(click to enlarge)

Please continue to pray for Shakira, Brisa & Estrella, as we spent time with them the two younger ones did not talk and just followed their older sister around where ever she went. They were used to being on their own, it turns out that they had been alone for a few months back in their river community before they made it to Iquitos. Please pray for healing of whatever they have been through and that they could be reunited with their father soon.

Kare Hegre - September

I had also sent a prayer request for an older gentleman Kare from Norway. He had been injured by the woman he lived with, he said that she had been taking his penion money. He had a bad leg but she did not want to spend the money to have it treated, when he tried to leave she hit him several times with a stick on his bad leg and back, which made his leg problem worse.

Some friends of his came and got me thinking that I would be able to translate for him, but it turns out he did not speak English, he spoke Norweigian and some Spanish, he was also a bit confused which made it hard to understand him, I think because of his age and his condition this affected his mind and his speech, but I didn't know him before so it is hard to say.

Kare was not able to get to his pension money for reasons that I did not quite understand, but for some reason the transfer to his account had not been made. So he was out of money and in a bad situation when I met him. I warn you the following picture is not pretty, one hospital wanted to take his let off, but one of his friends brought him to this clinic where I met him.

Kare at the clinic

The condition of his leg

(click to enlarge)

Thanks to a few of you who chipped in we were able to come along side Kare and help with his medical care. I also contacted the Norweigian embassy and gave them all the information that I had gotten. They were able to contact his daughter who lived in Norway. His daughter got a hold of me and was able to talk to her father by calling my cell phone. It just so happens that another of his daughters was vacationing in Iquitos at this time and was able to come and take care of her father. This all took about two weeks, but God was good and worked it all out.

El Terminal - Front Wall

Some of you are wondering how we are doing with the front wall of the church in El Terminal, we have most of it finished. Our welder put up one panel and the top of the other panel, which you can see in the picture below, but he never came back to finish the job. It is strange because he left all of his welding equipment, so we expected him back any day but it has beenn about two months now since we have seen him.

Front view of the church

Left panel still left to put in

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