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Here is our April / May 2013 update;

April Anniverary & Baptism

We had our anniversary at a park near our church. We started with our church service at their Chapel there and then we had a baptism after the service; Of course we had a picnic and games for the kids as well.

Raul & I baptized his daughter "Ena"

Jose & I baptizing Oscar

The 5 that were baptized and us


We had a team from CC Murrieta visit us, this team was led by Henry & Gerri Meyer, they have been coming down to Iquitos for 9 years, they were actually on the first team that came down in 2004 and have been coming back ever since, they are the unofficial God-Parents to the ministry here.

They brought a small but great team this year; and helped with the children's ministry, Women's ministry, electrical installation at the church in El Terminal and painted our front wall with our name and the Calvary dove. They did a great job and we truly enjoyed their visit.

Calvary Chapel Murrieta at El Terminal

The team of 5 at the main plaza

Gerri giving out glasses

Gerri & Diana sharing with the women at Puerto Seguro (K43)

Greg Brush brought us a great gift, It was really great to finish off our front wall project with our sign painted on it. Raul & Roy jumped in and helped where they could. Greg also helped to paint the wall panel behind our pulpit, he started and our guys finshed. We are very greatful, thanks Greg!

Our finshed front wall

Working on the stage wall

(click to enlarge)

Everyone got a big kick out of how tall Greg was, everyone said Raul was hanging out with his dad.

Mothers Day

We had a nice time on Mothers Day, the men prepared a nice meal for the moms and we all had a great meal and time of fellowship at the church.

River Ministry

Pastor Jose continues to visit Centro Fuerte and Panguana.

Jose had the battery installed in Panguana that hooks up with the Solar Panel there. The church needs to be moved because a road is being put in by the county, and good timing because the church is falling apart. Homes with roofs made of leaves have to be replaced every 2 to 3 years, also the wood in the construction has to be replaced every 4 to 5 years, and it time to replace both the lumber and roof. Jose is praying that we can put in cement columns and tin roof so they won't have to be constantly rebuilding the church there in Panguana, he believs it will cost about $4000.

Centro Fuerte; It looks like the sister city next to Centro Fuerte has had a large generator installed and they are going to sell electricity to the homes in Centro Fuerte, about 5 soles a month, this will help pay for the fuel that it takes to run the generator. The electricity will be available from 7:00 to 9:00pm daily, which is just what Jose needs for their church service, what a coincidence eh?

Future Bible College Library

We have been blessed to have recieved funds to purchase books. The team from CC Murrieta brought several Chuck Smith books for our leaders here. I was also able to purchase several books in Lima in preparation for the Library we want to have for our future Bible College and for future classes.

If you have any experience working in a library, please send me some information on how to log and catalog books, I will truly appreciate that information, thank you.

Calvary Chapel Bible College

The Calvary Chapel Bible College has moved and is no longer in Lima, they are now in Cajamarca. We are hoping to send two young ladies to the Bible College in Cajamarca this coming semester, which starts in August. I would like to introduce them to you and ask that you pray for them.

Veronica Canayo

Veronica (18) has been with us since she was a little girl, at the church in El terminal. I have pictures of her looking wide eyed at the puppets that some of students brought from the Bible College in Lima. Veronica continued with us through the Jr. High group where she accepted the Lord and now attends our Youth Group.

Veronica has been very involved helping in our Children's Ministry teaching the children for many years now, she has been a big blessing to us. She also had the opportunity to attend the Bible College in Cajamarca last year in August and is praying that she may return for another semester. She came back on fire ready to work and I would love for her to be able to attend for her 2nd semester.

Veronica working with the children

Veronica with her nephew

Luana Manihuari

Luana (loo-anna) Pastor Javier's daughter is also 18 and has also been through the Children's church program and now helping her father with the Youth Group there at Puerto Seguro (K43). She is a leader and a big assest to the ministry there. She loves drama and skits and teaches these to the others in their youth group. Luana also helps with the Children's Ministry there in Puerto Seguro. I would pray that the Lord would provide so she would be able to grow her skills, grow spiritually and that she could continue to be a blessing to their church or wherever the Lord takes her in the future.

Luana after completing a class

Luana with her family

Please pray for these two young ladies and if the Lord puts on your heart to contribute to their tuition; you contact me or you can send your blessing to the address below with the memo "Iquitos-Veronica" or "Iquitos-Luana",

	Friends of CCBC, Peru  (CCBC = Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru)
	1771 E. Palomar Street
	Chula Vista, CA 91913 
	Memo: "Iquitos - Children"  


You can see us on Facebook now, where you will see more pictures and more of the ministry in Iquitos = Calvary Chapel Iquitos.

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	1771 E. Palomar Street
	Chula Vista, CA 91913 
	Memo: "Iquitos - XXX"  
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*Note: The dollar is currently 2.54 or 254 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

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                Albert Smith 

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