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Hi Everyone,

Here is our September 2013 update;

In case you think you missed some of our updates, you haven't, I dropped the ball and haven't sent an update since May. I know what a slacker eh?

June through August

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El Terminal

Our Youth group with the help of Raul put on a concert at our church in El Terminal in September. We had four bands from three different churches playing and it turned out to be a blast, we all had a lot of fun. The purpose of the concert was to reach out to the youth there in El Terminal and although we passed out flyers and went around in a moto-car with a speaker an hour before the concert, we didn't get very many young people attending. Most of the people who came were from the three churches participating. But like I said, we had a lot of fun anyway and we learned a lot about putting on a concert and hope to have more concerts in the future. It also motivated us to make some repairs and changes before hand to spruce up the place a bit.

Our Youth Group decorated the church.

Juan Carlos putting up balloons

The church was packed

Some of the local youth who showed up

One of the groups called up all the leaders and had some fun at our expense.

One of the visiting bands

Jose, Raul & Javier having some fun

Albert & Jose having some fun

(click to enlarge)

Puerto Seguro / Safe Harbor

Puerto Seguro or better known as kilometer 43.5 also had their church dedication in September. We were invited, so we packed up our church members and visited them that Sunday morning. Later we played a little soccer & volleyball. And since this is Peru, of course food was part of the days festivities.

Full House

Pst. Javier & their congregation

Of course there was food

Outside the church with thier new sign

(click to enlarge)

Our Youth at Bible College

The girls (Veronica & Luana) are doing good, Luana had some health issues during her first two months, but she is OK now. The weather is starting to warm up in Peru, as summer aproaches (here below the equator) so they are very happy about that.

I am pleased to let you know that Veronica got a scholorship to attend the CC Bible College there in Cajamarca. So we only have to worry about Luana (loo-anna) Pastor Javier's daughter. we still need to raise about $500 more for her current semester. Although she misses her family a lot, since this is her first time away from home She is very excited to be there, where everything is new and exciting for her.

Luana after completing a class

Luana with her family

Please pray for our two young ladies and if the Lord puts it on your heart to contribute to Luana's tuition; you contact me or you can send your blessing to the address below with the memo "Iquitos-Luana",

Iquitos Children

A few of our children will soon be going into High School, there is no middle school here, they go directly from Elementary School to High School. So that means that they are already scrambling to get into the better schools. What this means for us is matriculation fees and paper work fees to move documents to the High Schools. Of course new uniforms and school supplies are right around the corner for them and for many of the children we help. So if you would like to be a part of helping underprivileged children get into school and stay in school, it would be a big blessing if you would like to contribute to our "Children's Ministry" - (details below on how to contribute).


I will be going on furlogh this coming month, I will be arriving in California on November 1st and will be there all of November. I haven't been back since March of 2011, so it will be nice to be back. The Lord blessed me with plane fair through a brother that blessed us with a nice donation. Why November you might ask? Well for totally selfish reasons, my favorite North American holiday is Thanksgiving (PTL).

While I am back:

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