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Hi Everyone,

Here is our 2014 Year end update;

Yikes!! I can't believe it is the end of April already, and I am just sending a year-end report. I had most of this ready back in January but I was waiting on some facts and never got it finished. I think the old saying is true that "The older you get the faster the years pass by." Or maybe time really is speeding up?

Children's Ministry

I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the Children's Ministry here in Iquitos. God has been very good to us here and this is one area where we are very blessed. You are few, but very generous and very faithful, you know who you are and I want you to know how grateful I am and how the children were blessed by you in 2014.

Children's Medical:
We spent $1800 this past year in pharmacy and medical costs for the children in need. There are always colds, fevers, diarrhea, coughs and funguses that we can just go to the pharmacy for. But there have also been Dr. visits and lab tests which were critical especially for the new borns.

We had our share of Emergency Room visits that we were able to help with, like when Wiliam fell out of a tree and broke his arm. When Aron was knocked over by a motorcycle & Elias got a fish hook in his finger.

We have also had some children hospitalized; like Genesis a 2 year old with high fever due to infection. Gabriella who had an advanced case of Dengue Fever. William who needed screws in his arm due to the type of break in his arm. Those and of course there are a few new borns every year, who I usually bless with 6 cloth diappers and a pack of Huggies.

Children's General Fund:
We spent $750 in general costs for our 4 church's and our outreaches. Which includes costs for copies for the children to color, Prizes, VBS costs, balloons, occasional sandals, help getting the children's ID's, and we were able to send 5 children to Summer camp.

For those who don't know we only help those most in need, usually only single mothers. There are many families in need but we are only able to help those in most need.

School Assistance:
We were blessed to be able to help 16 children stay in school this year, the most we have ever been able to help. We spent $1,784.28 on school supplies,uniforms & matriculations.
Two groups were the big doners; COTA (Children of the Amazon) and a Woman's group from Calvary Murrieta got us started with very generous donations, and this was supplemented by the generous contribution of others.

So as you see the children here are important to us and we hope to make an impact on their lives. We pray that each child that comes to our ministries or are helped by us will come to know the love of Jesus.


In case you want to catch up on some of the things that have been happening since September, you can check us out on Facebook and get up to date there:

"Calvary Chapel Iquitos" (There are more pictures there than I can send in an update)

Important Reminder

We thank all those who contribute to the ministries here in Iquitos and to those who contribute to our personal support, it allows us to be here and do what we do. Albert & Jose's support has not changed, it still goes through Calvary Murrieta.

Support for the Ministries (like the children, Special Projects, Bibles, etc..) and support for Pastor Javier & Pastor Raul are now going through Harvest Alliance, (see below for more details).


We had a great Christmas and the Lord provided for the traditional hot chocolate & Paneton bread for all of our church's & ministry sites.

Something new this year, was that the youth from all of our church's joined together to do the children's program at each site. This was fruit from our Youth Retreats where they have gotten to know each other and are being encouraged to serve. Not only the youth got together but all of the leaders from the differnt churches as usual visited and helped at each site.

Centro Fuerte

Raul & his boys - on the way to Centro Fuerte

Our youth leading the children in worship

A couple of silly songs with the children

Puerto Seguro (K43)

Luana & the youth leading the worship

The youths leading the program

Luz-mila & Karina serving the hot chocolate

Some of the children walking home

Some of the children walk over an hour to come to the church at Puerto Seguro.


The New walkway to Panguana

The children waiting for us

The children lineing up

Lidia & the moms serving the children

Ucayali Street

The children of Ucayali St.

The girls grab bag

The girls grab bag

We were blessed that a brother brought down a lot of beanie babies, we were able to provide gifts to the girls. it is a bigger blessing than you think, because many of the children in shanty towns do not get any Christmas presents, maybe clothes if their family is able.

Rocio serving the children

The workers

Rosa very happy with her beanie baby

(click to enlarge)

Rocio & Yvone prepared the hot chocolate, Sarita supervised, Oscar handed out the paneton & Rocio also served the children.

(click to enlarge)

Iquitos Children

Please pray for Katy, thin as she is, she had a baby. The baby girl was premature and developed breathing problems. She needed to be sent to a children's hospital in Lima. We helped get her there, but have not heard from her since.


Wish List

As most of you know there are many needs here in Iquitos and I have been encouraged by others to let the needs be known. There are needs for the people here, for the ministries and for us who are working in the ministry. So this year I am putting out this Wish List to let people know what we are praying for and what we could use in 2015.

Puerto Seguro (K43)

The land on this side of the creek has been given to the church that Pastor Javier is pastoring. So they know feel more ownership and more secure and they are settling in for the long haul.

Raul & Luzmila (K43)

Raul & Luzmila have moved to a new house, where there is a lot more business for their store

El Terminal (K43)

Iquitos Children (K43)

Estrella's living condition: We are coming along side certain families, this is one family who's living condition needs help. We put in the front and back walls to their house, it cost more than expected ($560), because of labor, 2 of our youth's who also need work were paid for working on this project.

Life in a shanty town

We helped them to get onto that lot of land, and helped them put a roof on it about a year ago but that is all we could do, at that time, since then we have put up a front and back wall, to help keep out the rain and wind.

They still need to pay off the land and to make it more livable. They were living in a flood area in much worse conditions, but every winter their home would flood and they would have to live elsewhere in emergency tent housing, you can still see the tent they brought with them to this lot. Now with the front and back walls they could take down the tent, but they still have a dirt floor.

The house they came from was quite a distance from the road, about a 30 minute walk on a dirt road with no lighting. I always worried about Estrella when she had to walk home at night. That is why this new lot of land is a blessing for them, it is in a lot better area then where they lived before and is about a 10 minute walk to our church.

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