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Hi Everyone,

Here is our August 2015 update;

Well itís a strike day today in Iquitos. It is hard to explain to anyone who hasnít experienced that, but Iíll give it a try. When there is a transportation strike, the buses & most moto-cars stop running, they also close the roads so that others cannot use the roads.

The strikers start their march at midnight, usually meeting at the ďPlaza 28 de JulioĒ (for those of you who know Iquitos) and they march along the main streets with sticks to make sure nobody interferes with them. They make sure all the stores are closed and that there are no moto-cars working, in other words making sure that everyone is supporting their strike. They usually burn tires and other items at the main intersections so that no one can travel across them. They also break glass on many streets so that anyone travelling will get a flat tire. Yes, the city will need a major clean-up the night after the strike.

So, a strike day is when most businesses close down, the busses donít run and most people stay home. So since it is a strike day today and tomorrow (a 48 hour strike) I am taking advantage to prepare this update. There are negatives to a strike like those whose food depends on them working day to day. A few positives are that the streets are quiet, only a few renegade moto-cars risking flat tires are working today. All over the city, kids are playing soccer and volley-ball on their streets. And missionaries are catching up on thier updates, so I guess there are a few positives to a strike.


I was back in california in June. I got to visit family & friends and was blessed to speak at different churches. I was also able to take care of a lot of personal & ministry things that needed to be done. It was a good visit with many blessings.

Some of the highlights were:

Dental Care

Theresa a sister from the church in Lima visited us in July, she visited us once before and did a dental treatment for the children of El Terminal & Puerto Seguro. She came in July to do a follow up visit. The treatment is a sort of temporary enamel that helps prevent cavities. she also taught them how to brush and gave each child a free toothbrush.

Teaching the children how to brush

Applying the treatment

They all got a free toothbrush

(click to enlarge)

Women's Retreat

The Pastor's wives (Karina, Lidia, Luzmila) organized a retreat for the women of the 4 churches, it was a couple of days of teaching, games, food & fun. This was the first event that they have planned and it turned out a success. I am sure it is the start of many more events for them.

Holly Mathos and Ines Olivera from Calvary Chapel Lima came to share with our ladies. Our ladies had a great time of learning from the word, games, crafts, fellowship and great food :-). The ladies also invited the young women of our churches to attend. The girls both attended the teachings and took turns helping watch the children that came with their mothers.

Turns out the Pastor's were jealous and the men will be copying the women and we are praying & planning a men's retreat for this October.

Holly Teaching

Ines praying

The ladies worshipping

(click to enlarge)

Worship time

A time for games

Holly having fun

A time of crafts

The cooks

The girls attending and helping


In case you want to see more pictures you can check us out on Facebook and get up to date there:

"Calvary Chapel Iquitos" (There are more pictures there than I can send in an update)

Important Reminder

We thank all those who contribute to the ministries here in Iquitos and to those who contribute to our personal support, it allows us to be here and do what we do. Albert & Jose's support has not changed, it still goes through Calvary Murrieta.

Support for the Ministries (like the children, Special Projects, Bibles, etc..) and support for Pastor Javier & Pastor Raul are now going through Harvest Alliance, (see below for more details).

Iquitos Children

We recieved funds to put a cement floor in the house where Estrella and her family live. This will be a big blessing since they currently have a dirt floor. We will also put in the PVC pipes for their future bathroom, shower & sink. We will begin working on that this month and I should have pictures for the next update.

Also funds came in for Estrella's root canal, she is not thrilled about the process but happy to be able to keep that molar. So many of the children & adults in Iquitos are missing many of their teeth, so we want to prevent that for as many of our kids as possible.

Wish List

As most of you know there are many needs here in Iquitos and I have been encouraged by others to let the needs be known. There are needs for the people here, for the ministries and for us who are working in the ministry. So this year I am putting out this Wish List to let people know what we are praying for and what we could use in 2015.

Puerto Seguro (K43)

The land on this side of the creek has been given to the church that Pastor Javier is pastoring. So they know feel more ownership and more secure and they are settling in for the long haul.

Iquitos Children (K43)

Raul & Luzmila (K43)

Raul & Luzmila have moved to a new house, where there is a lot more business for their store

El Terminal (K43)

Praise Reports:

Prayer Requests:

Opportunities to partner with us:

If you would like to contribute to any of the following ministries\expenses:

You can send donations to the following address: (Putting our account # (62414)in the memo portion of your check & the ministry you wish to donate to)

	Harvest Alliance International
	P.O. Box 4550
	Oceanside, CA 92052
	Memo: "62414 - XXX"  
(Where XXX = General Fund, Children's Ministry, etc...)

*Note: The dollar has risen dramatically it is currently 3.25 or 325 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless you   
                Albert Smith 

     Calvary Chapel Murrieta
     24225 Monroe Avenue
     Murrieta, CA 92562  
     Memo = Peru, Albert Smith
Or for Jose
     Memo - Peru, Jose Garate 

Pastor Javier & Raul's offerings go through Harvest Alliance International (above).

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