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Here is our April 2017 update;

2015 (El Terminal)

We just celebrated our 11th Church Anniversary at El Terminal in April.

Yes, we have been here for 11 years, amazing eh? We have seen many people come and go over these 11 years, and we pray that all of those who were part of this church, received Jesus as Lord and Savior and that we will see them again in heaven one day.

We had a nice church service, a BBQ afterwards and of course games for the children. It was nice spending time together as a church, talking, playing & eating.

Church Service

Pst. Raul & the worship team

A close up

Some of the Youth Group

4 of the girls singing

2 of the moms cooking

Happy to say that our Youth always participate in all of our activities

Christian, Raul & Jesus BBQing

The children always eat first

Trying to find seats for everyone

Sandro & William - Winners of one of the games

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The 2016 Childrens Ministry in Iquitos

We are blessed to recieve funds from many people for the ministry here in Iquitos. And I want to thank all of you who send funds for the childen, and I want to let you know how the funds were spent in 2016.

Children's School Fund

We spent $2400 on helping keep 19 children stay in School this past 2016.

We only help the most in need, mainly single mothers who wouldn't be able to send their children to school without help. I learned long ago, that you can't help everyone, but you have to try to help those that God puts in your path, and that is what we try to do. We also come along 2 of the Pastor's whose children are still in school.

Education is supposedly free in Peru, but if you don't have the matriculation fee, a uniform, shoes, school supplies, etc. you can't attend. There are many stories I could tell, but I will tell you of two of the girls, their step fathers, don't make much money and don't see it their responsibility to send these girls to school. Of course the real fathers are out of the picture and these two girls would just be low income workers for the rest of their lives without a little help. This is typical in the low income areas where we work.

Children's Medical Fund

We spent $960 on medical expenses for the children, mainly pharmacy costs like fevers, infant diarrhea, rashes, fungus, parasite meds, etc... But we also help with Doctor's visits.

We had one girl who cut her foot and had to be taken to the ER for stitches, and another girl with a bad cough for over a month, so we helped with the Dr. Visit, x-rays, lab tests, nebulizer treatments. She is doing better now, but we found out she had asthma.

Children's Ministry Fund

We spent $300 on general expenses for the children, like copies for Children's Church for the 4 churches. Sandals for those who were going barefoot because theirs had broken, Prizes for good report cards, clothes, shoes, food, etc. and diapers for new born babies, I usually purchase some cloth diapers and some huggies for the new borns. We also helped 6 of the girls to go to camp, this is important because they don't get out much, there is not much entertainment for the youth in Iquitos.

Children's Chocolatada Fund

We enjoy preparing and giving the children hot chocolate and paneton (fruit bread) at Christmas time, it is a Peruvian tradition and the children really look forward to it. We visited Panguana & Centro Fuerte which are our river churches, where Pastor Jose & Lidia minister. We also visited Puerto Seguro where Pastor Javier & Karina minister. Of course at the church in El Terminal and Ucayali Street where had an outreach. The youth from El Terminal & Centro Fuerte prepared a Children's Christmas Program and they did a great job with the children before we handed out the goodies. We recieved a whopping $1345 this year and will have a little left over for next year.

So I want to thank those who contribute, on behalf of the children who have been blessed by your generosity. And to let you know if you state on your check how you want the funds used, they will be used only for that purpose, ex = "Children's School Fund", or if "General" that way we can use it where it is most needed. Thank you and God bless you for investing in our children and in God's kingdom.

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In case you want to see more pictures you can check us out on Facebook and get up to date there:

"Calvary Chapel Iquitos" (There are more pictures there than I can send in an update)

2016 January Youth Retreat

We were blessed to be able to have a Youth Retreat this past January. We held it at Santa Rosa, a river community where Pastor Javier and his church are doing an outreach. We had youth from all 4 churches and I am happy to tell you that we had 50 youths attend these few days with us.

The Pastors taught through the end times; The sessions were, the rapture, the tribulation, The second coming & the Millenium. We wanted to make sure our youth were up to date on what will be happening in the last days.

Gettting there - 2 boats

Inside of one of the boats

Jesus teaching 1 session

Kids divided into 2 teams

Pass the bucket game

Important Reminder

We thank all those who contribute to the ministries here in Iquitos and to those who contribute to our personal support, it allows us to be here and do what we do. Albert & Jose's support has not changed, it still goes through Calvary Murrieta.

Support for the Ministries (like the children, Special Projects, Bibles, etc..) and support for Pastor Javier & Pastor Raul are now going through Harvest Alliance, (see below for more details).

Wish List

Pastor Javier & Karina (K43)

Pastor Javier and his family live out in the country, about 1 hour from the center of Iquitos. That is where there church is in Puerto Seguro. Their water tank fell a couple of weeks ago and they need funds to purchase a new one. It would be nice if they could build cement columns this time, since it is the wood beams that gave out and that is the reason the elevated tank fell and broke.

Praise Reports:

Prayer Requests:

Opportunities to partner with us:

If you would like to contribute to any of the following ministries\expenses:

You can send donations to the following address: (Putting our account # (62414)in the memo portion of your check & the ministry you wish to donate to)

	Harvest Alliance International
	P.O. Box 4550
	Oceanside, CA 92052
	Memo: "62414 - XXX"  
(62414 is our ministry number) (Where XXX = General Fund, Children's Ministry, etc...)

*Note: The dollar is currently at 3.23 or 323 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless you   
                Albert Smith 

     Calvary Chapel Murrieta
     24225 Monroe Avenue
     Murrieta, CA 92562  
     Memo = Peru, Albert Smith
Or for Jose
     Memo - Peru, Jose Garate 

Pastor Javier & Pastor Raul's offerings go through Harvest Alliance International (above).

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