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Here is our June / July 2017 update;

2017 (JUNE)

We were visited by Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel (RMCC) in June, they came as a construction team. And we were able to do 2 projects.

The First Project; We were able to enclose the home of Estefany and her family. We had put up a tin roof for them in January but we didn't have the funds to do anything more for them.

Estefany (11) lives there with her mother and her little sister Emma (7).

The plan here was to first; dig a trench around the house, fill it with cement and then lay 3 rows of brick on top of that.

Second; was to frame the walls and put up boards for the walls.

Third; put in doors and windows.

The reason we put in 3 rows of bricks, is that the rain hits down below and will rot the boards sooner.

A before picture

The RMCC team getting ready to work

First, we dig a trench for cement

The dirt was a lot harder than we expected, so the first part took longer than expected

Pst. Raul

Even the mom joined in

The local kids watching

Mixing cement by hand

Laying 3 rows of brick

The children helping

The end of the first day

The end of the second day

The end of the third day

(click to enlarge)

The second project was putting in a bathroom at Estrella's house. We had put up walls for them last year, but they were still needing a bathroom for privacy. The RMCC team built a bathroom of brick. They are very happy for the privacy.

2017 (JULY)

We started serving breakfast for the children after Sunday School. When I say "we", I mean the moms and girls from our Youth Group, did all the work.

Luzmila and Elizabeth serving

Some of the children in our yard

A closer look

Hair Washing Day

Veronica organized a Saturday where they would wash hair, do pedicures and cut hair. She had noticed that many of the children had lice lately, so that lice treatment was going to be part of the hair washing. Two of the moms, Luz-mila and Lidia helped along with many of the girls and Juan Carlos from the Youth Group.

Veronica & Ena washing hair

Veronica and Ena doing the Hair treatment

Elizabeth at the pedicure station

Lidia at the Pedicure station

The girls at the pedicure station

Luzmila and Juan Carlos cutting hair

Hair cut station

2 satisfied customers showing off their painted toe nails

A satisfied customer


In case you want to see more pictures you can check us out on Facebook and get up to date there:

"Calvary Chapel Iquitos" (There are more pictures there than I can send in an update)


I will be visiting the states on furlough, part of August and half of September.

I will be in Orlando Florida from August 6th through the 15th.

I will be in California from August 23rd through September 13th.

I would love to see all of you, let me know if you have time for a visit.

Important Reminder

We thank all those who contribute to the ministries here in Iquitos and to those who contribute to our personal support, it allows us to be here and do what we do. Albert & Jose's support has not changed, it still goes through Calvary Murrieta.

Support for the Ministries (like the children, Special Projects, Bibles, etc..) and support for Pastor Javier & Pastor Raul are now going through Harvest Alliance, (see below for more details).

Wish List

Pastor Javier & Karina (K43)

Pastor Javier and his family live out in the country, about 1 hour from the center of Iquitos. That is where there church is in Puerto Seguro. Their water tank fell a couple of weeks ago and they need funds to purchase a new one. It would be nice if they could build cement columns this time, since it was made of wood beams that gave out and that is the reason the elevated tank fell and broke.

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(62414 is our ministry number) (Where XXX = General Fund, Children's Ministry, etc...)

*Note: The dollar is currently at 3.23 or 323 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless you   
                Albert Smith 

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