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Here is our April 2018 update;

January 2018

Thank you to Pastor Tony and the team from CC Murrieta for their visit, the chidren and our teens had a great time with them. And thank you for sharing about your courtship with our teens. The Murrieta team always visits in January when the children and teens are on Summer Vacation, yes summer below the equater is approximately from December 22 through March 23rd. Classes end before Christmas and start again around the first week of March.

First stop was at the church in El Terminal, where there was the VBS (Vacation Bible School) a craft and many games.

VBS inside the church

Water games

Water games

Second stop was at Puerto Seguro, we did an outreach in San Lucas, which is now a satellite for the Puerto Seguro church, they have purchased a little house there. So Tony's team did a VBS for the children, a craft & games.

The children with thier craft

The team teaching the children

Team members helping the children with their craft

Last stop was a special day camp for the children, where there was lots of learning, worship & fun for the children. The great part is that the Youth from Three of our ministries were also involved helping with the worship and games.

Luana leading Children's Worship

The children at the event

The children having fun worshipping

Our teens involved in leading the children in worship

Team members (Liz) helping the boys with their craft

Making friends

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April 2018

We had our 12 year anniversary at the church in El Terminal. I can't believe it has been 12 years, it has gone by so fast, and many things have happened in those years. And I want to thank so many people that have been a part of getting the church started and helping it grow over these past 12 years.

Church Anniversary

Samuel our MC

Samuel & Gelmi singing

Church members participating in our Anniversary

Twins; Alondra & Melanie singing

Drama from our Youth Group

Sister Lilly singing

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The Childrens Ministry in Iquitos

I also want to thank all of you who support the Children's ministries here in Iquitos. As most of you know we have several funds,

So I want to thank those who contribute, on behalf of the children who have been blessed by your generosity. And to let you know if you state on your check how you want the funds used, they will be used only for that purpose, ex = "Children's School Fund", or if "General" that way we can use it where it is most needed. Thank you and God bless you for investing in our children and in God's kingdom.

Albert on Furlough

I will be in California from June 15th through July 23rd. I would love to see all of you, so please let me know if you have time for a visit. Some of the dates are already taken, I will be visiting my daughter July 2nd through the 9th.


In case you want to see more pictures you can check us out on Facebook and get up to date there:

"Calvary Chapel Iquitos" (There are more pictures there than I can send in an update)


Omar (K43)

Omar is a young man who graduated the CC Bible College a few years ago and has been serving faithfully under Pastor Javier in Puerto Seguro. He along with Luana are in charge of the Youth Group and help with the other services as well. Omar also helps doing work around the church property as needed.

He wants to get married but has no way to support a wife, he barely supports himself. There are not many jobs there where they live, 1 hour outside the city. The problem he has (and all our young men & women) is that a job here in Iquitos requires working 12 hours a day and 6 days a week, sometimes 1/2 a day on Sunday. So they can't really be involved in ministry if they get a regular job. Many of our youth leave Iquitos and go to Lima for a better future.

Omar is praying about putting a fish farm on his father's property, and is praying for the funds to start this project. It may not solve all his problems, but will be a good start. His family has experience in this, so it should be a sucessful project. His father & mother moved to Lima, so they left him the property. His grandfather has a fish farm, on the property next door, but doesn't really work it seriously anymore because of his age.

Please pray for Omar in this stage of his life & ministry.

Pastor Jose (K43)

Pastor Jose's house is falling apart. Houses built with wood don't last long down here with the rain & humidity, the lumber begins to rot, and such is the case with their house. We would like to raise $5000 from church's and other volunteer's to build him a house of cement columns and brick walls, this will last 25 or more years.

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You can send donations to the following address: (Putting our account # (62414)in the memo portion of your check & the ministry you wish to donate to)

	Harvest Alliance International
	P.O. Box 4550
	Oceanside, CA 92052
	Memo: "62414 - XXX"  
(62414 is our ministry number) (Where XXX = General Fund, Children's Ministry, etc...)

*Note: The dollar is currently at 3.23 or 323 soles for every $100 (U.S.).

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.
         and God Bless you   
                Albert Smith 

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     Memo = Peru, Albert Smith
Or for Jose
     Memo - Peru, Jose Garate 

Pastor Javier & Pastor Raul's offerings go through Harvest Alliance International (above).

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