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Here is our August 2018 update;

We had two teams from Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel (RMCC) visit us in July & August.

July 2018

The first team was a construction team and they arrived the last part of July. Their goal was to help get a wall started for the house of Pastor Jose. I was quite amazed at how hard they worked. They dug holes for columns, carried sand, moved dirt, mixed cement by hand and many more things. Pastor Jose's house was falling apart and it was very kind of RMCC to send a volunteer team to help.

Water was coming in from that side of the property when it rained. The area where they live is uneven and streams form during heavy rains. So the purpose of the wall was not only to stop the water from flooding thier home, but would also serve as one of the walls of thier house.

The first RMCC team consisted of Paul, Sara, Josh & Miguel, all very hard workers.
The Iquitos team consisted of Pst Raul, Jesus, Samuel & Albert.
Of course we had a contractor leading us, and Pst Jose & Lidia also working hard. Lidia prepared lunch for the team all week and we really appreciated it and loved her cooking.

Paul digging a hole for a column

Sara digging away

Jesus & Josh at their holes

Sara & Paul mixing cement

Even the boys helped a bit

Josh taking a break to play and get his hair braided

Once the holes were dug for the columns, we had to dig out trenches for the base, that would hold the bricks.

The base and rebar for the columns in place

Paul & Raul

The completed wall
If you look closely at the last picture, you can see the base under the first row of bricks of the completed wall.
The wall wasn't completed before the RMCC team left, but they left enough funds for the work to continue

(click to enlarge)

August 2018

The Second RMCC team arrived in August, they came to work with the various ministries here in Iquitos. Some of which are church services, children's ministries, the youth groups and the family of the Pastors.

Although they taught at several of the church services, I will show you some of the highlights that I have pictures of.

They did a special day for our youth, where two churches were represented, CC El Terminal & CC Puerto Seguro. It was a fun day of teachings, games, lunch & a trip into town to see a movie at movie theatre. I later found out that most of the youth from CC Puerto Seguro, (which is 1 hour outside of town) had never been to the movie theatre before. So it was a real treat for them and a memory they will keep.

They asked us to do the worship so Omar (from CC Puerto Seguro) led the first part & Samuel (from CC El Terminal) led the second half of the worship time. Then Pastor Blair (aka "Osito") taught and led the games.

The Children's Church of El Terminal

Omar leading worship for the Youth

Pastor Blair teaching the youth

One of the games

Taking a break for lunch

Helping distribute the food & drinks

It was great to visit the church of CC Puerto Seguro which is in San Lucas, the RMCC team had a whole Children's Program prepared for them.

The RMCC team doing a skit

Craft time

Some of the girls of San Lucas
One of the afternoons was dedicated to "Pastor's Care", for the families of the Pastors. It was a fun time spent with the RMCC team at a pool with pizza for lunch. The familes are of Pastor Jose & Lidia, Pastor Javier & Karina, Pastor Raul & Luzmila, and all thier children

Pst Jose & Lidia with Juan Carlos, Camila and just arrived Benjamin

Pst Javier & Karina with Gina, Luana & Jeyson

All the ladies at the family day get together
For some reason I didn't get a picture of Pastor Raul and his family. Oh well next time!

(click to enlarge)

Albert on Furlough

I had a great time on my furlough, I got to visit several churches & share with them. I also got to spend time with family & friends. Including a week with my daughter & grand-daughters & a week at the beach which was great, because the Californina beaches is one of the things I really miss. So all in all I was totally blessed.


In case you want to see more pictures you can check us out on Facebook and get up to date there:

"Calvary Chapel Iquitos" (There are more pictures there than I can send in an update)


Pastor Jose (K43)

Although Pastor Jose was very blessed with the addition of the wall on his property, they had to move some of his roof to get that done, which exposed some rotted wood, & some of the tin roof that was moved needs to be replaced. Well actually his whole roof needs to be replaced. If he could finish the wall on the other side that would be best, so then they could put a new roof over the parallel walls. So please pray that funds come in for Pastor Jose & his family to finish putting their house back in place.

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