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Updated March 2013

Peru: Peru's capital is Lima and has the international airport where your team will land. Peru has three major geographical areas, the Coast, the Andean mountains and the Rainforest. These 3 areas have different climates, cultures, and people groups. The official language of Peru is Spanish, but there are many other languages spoken by the different people groups.

Iquitos: Iquitos is hot and humid so plan on dressing for hot weather, usually shorts and tee shirts. There are not to many mosquitos in the city, but the further you go from the center the more you will find, so bring mosquito repellent, and something for bug bites once you are bitten. You do not want to appear wealthy so please do not wear jewlery or fancy clothes.

General Informtion: When it is Summer in the U.S. it is Summer in the rainforest, which just means less rain, but it is Winter in Lima, so plan on dressing warm while you are in Lima. Winter in Lima is cold and cloudy, there is usually a fog over Lima the whole winter. So pack for both cold and hot weather. Ladies pack t.p., public restrooms here do not supply it, so you have to carry your own. Like any third world country, watch out for pick pockets and thieves, always stay in groups to avoid problems.

Costs while in Iquitos:

Costs while in Lima:

Dollars should be in good shape, no tears, no writing on them.
Denominations of $20's, $50's & $100's are easiest to exchange into Soles.
$100 bills with the serial number starting with CB will not be accepted in Iquitos due to counterfeit bills starting with the same serial number.

The current exchange rate varies between 2.53 & 2.55 soles per dollar, (or 253 soles per $100)

How do we get there?
Lima, Peru's capital is an 8 hour flight from LAX airport. Iquitos is about a 90 minute plane ride from Lima. The plane ticket cost is about $80 to $120 per person, each way. There are no longer exit fees. You are only allowed one 50lb. suitcase for domestic flights. (from Lima to Iquitos). Some airlines will honor your 2 suitcases straight through to Iquitos, if your flight is within 24 hours.

What to bring:


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